Wednesday, March 14, 2012

USA Rights to the Owner Trilogy

Okay, Night Shade Books has made an offer for the US rights for all three titles in the Owner trilogy: The Departure, Zero Point and Jupiter War. The rights are for a trade hardback, trade paperback, mass-market paperback and e-book. They would like to publish the first book in February 2013, following that up with Zero Point in May or June 2013, with the third one coming out simultaneously with the Macmillan edition. They’ll also be taking on the Jon Sullivan covers in some form.

Night Shade Books, incidentally, previously published Prador Moon and Shadow of the Scorpion in America. When I first sent in Prador Moon to them they were a small press publisher (basically just Jason Williams and Jeremy Lassen) but now, after a number of hiccups (due to that being ‘victims of their own success'), they’ve grown substantially. Let’s hope they do a good job of this!


Ralph said...

Dang! Just bought The Departure in hardcover used from the Book Depository. Nightshade did- I think- a good job with Prador Moon and Scorpion so this should work out nicely. Hard to get good SF like this in SoCal(not really but like yours better)!

YorkshireBoy US said...

So when you coming over the pond? Make sure to come through Dallas/Fort Worth. You can have a free place to stay and a chauffeur .

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

maybe your stuff will come round these parts more? when shopping can shove it in peoples hands easier.

Snairls phase 1?

Jain growth phase 1?
selling car body design now i think.

robann said...

Congratulations! Hopefully good news for your readership levels and bank balance ;-)

It'll be interesting to see if American reviewers take the same offence as to the political constructs used in the books.

Neal Asher said...

Ralph, of course there are no laws against owning two copies...

YorkshireBoy US, I'll bear that in mind but doubt I will be. I'm not the sort of person that relishes doing readings or any kind of public speaking, which would probably be demanded.

I hope so, Vaude. While I was talking to Jason Williams last night he expressed surprise on learning that I'm just clearing 20 books. Maybe if they make a success of selling this trilogy they'll take a look at all those books Tor US missed.

Robann, yes, that will be interesting to see. I've learnt that there is a huge gap between the ideas of political right and left in the UK and the US.

Neal Asher said...

Some have asked on Twitter so I'll mention it here: Night Shade Books definitely does have a distributor for Canada too.