Monday, February 11, 2013

Courageous - Jack Campbell

This is the third book in the 'Lost Fleet' series and again like the other two was  an enjoyable read. These books are like some other series I've read in that you wouldn't want to read them one after the other. Then again, I know that some feel that way about my books. Anyway, these books are enjoyable, but they're too similar. I also get the feeling with this that I got from E C Tubb's Dumarest saga. For those of you that don't know it, this was an SF series that went on for 30+ books and concerned Earl Dumarest's search for Earth, which I gave up on just before he actually found it. It's a recurring theme - consider Battlestar Galactica. Recommended for those, like me, who need their SF hit. 


KJ Mulder said...

I have to agree with you. The books are too similar since they often repeat the same formula with slow progression in the actual story. It's a very enjoyable series, that could have worked much better in half the amount of books.

Jezcentral said...

Ah, military sci-fi. Hmm, I saw a load of these the last time I was in a book-shop. I can't say I was too taken with what I (albeit briefly) read. I want sensawunda, not the slavish mundanity of routine. I guess this is what you get from a small sample size: the bits I read involved introspective naval(ha!)-gazing.

Maybe I'll take another look. Your last recommendation I followed was The Penrose series and that was worthwhile (although, Mr Ballantyne, please get a move on writing the next one).

Neal Asher said...

I felt they needed a tad more of the 'wierd shit' and a tad less of the battle of the Medway in space, KJ.

According to an interview in the back of my copy his books have been hitting the New York Times best seller lists, so they must be hitting the spot for some, Jez. I'll certainly get some more of them.

Kristin said...

I've read the whole series and completely agree. I liked that they were short, are best not read back to back, could have been a couple books shorter but overall, good for a SF hit.

I did have some issues with the whole "honor" business with the romantic interest(s), and my personal opinion is SF and romance just don't mesh well. I'll leave it at that... :)

Unknown said...

I do enjoy these, though possibly mundane as someone commented above, I liked the realism of his fleet engagements. If a little on the detailed side they are at least written believably in terms of how quickly each engagement takes place.