Friday, February 01, 2013

Fountain of Youth?

Gob hanging open...

Researchers were able to turn back the molecular clock by infusing the blood stem cells of old mice with a longevity gene and rejuvenating the aged stem cells' regenerative potential. The findings will be published online Thursday, Jan. 31, in the journal Cell Reports.

The biologists found that SIRT3, one among a class of proteins known as sirtuins, plays an important role in helping aged blood stem cells cope with stress. When they infused the blood stem cells of old mice with SIRT3, the treatment boosted the formation of new blood cells, evidence of a reversal in the age-related decline in the old stem cells' function.

 "We already know that sirtuins regulate aging, but our study is really the first one demonstrating that sirtuins can reverse aging-associated degeneration, and I think that's very exciting," said study principal investigator Danica Chen, UC Berkeley assistant professor of nutritional science and toxicology. "This opens the door to potential treatments for age-related degenerative diseases."


Trainer John said...

I've always thought that the first immortal would be born within my lifetime. Unfortunately, at 62, it won't be me - but maybe my grandchildren will benefit.

Neal Asher said...

John, I keep saying, 'Bugger, I was born 50 years too early'. I'm guessing that everyone over the age of maybe 20 has missed that boat.