Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sniper in Brighton

Just before Christmas we went down to Brighton to visit my erstwhile boss (and editor still) Peter Lavery. We did a lot of walking there – so much in fact that my legs were stiff for a couple of days afterwards – and saw some sights.

Digression: I reckon people who live in towns and cities get more in the way of healthy exercise than those who live in the country, and by that I mean walking. You would think that in the country you’d have more opportunity to go for long rambles, but that’s not generally the case. In my village we walk for five minutes before the paths run out. If we want to walk further we have to risk white van driver on the roads or clump through wet clay and waist-high weeds. If we want a longer and in any way pleasant walk it’s necessary to drive somewhere that’s possible. If we go to London, Brighton or Chester we can enjoy walking for miles.

Now, where was I, oh yeah, here’s one of those sights:

It seems Sniper’s old body shell has turned up with a dodgy paint job on Brighton beach. 


vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

o hai guy.

Unknown said...

I suspect Sniper might have had a little something to say about the colour scheme!

Lynn said...

I think that's probably true about people who live in towns walking more. We live out in the country (Oklahoma, USA) but we drive 10 miles to town to go walking. It seems silly but there's just no safe place closer to home.

Neal Asher said...

Mike and Vaude, the coluor of course is perfect camouflage in Brighton.

Yup, Lynn, we have to drive about five miles for a decent ramble.