Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trying out Blogger App for Ipad...

Okay, 70,000+ words of the book done. I can safely say I am at the halfway mark into the first draft. I'll put it to one side now while I go visiting over Christmas, then return to it in the New Year. I'm not heavily into New Year's resolutions but I'll make some now. Tendonitis is clearing up in my arm so I'll get back to some weight training. I will start the 8 week mindfulness course in a book on it I recently read. I'll do at least 3 walks every week. I will read more books. And I will definitely get more writing done!
Καλο βραδυ!

Update: Reduced the size of the picture, which from the Ipad app was spilling over the edges.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I just finished 'Dark Intelligence' so I am definitely ready for more, and hearing that you're already (by your reckoning) at a halfway point in the first draft makes me bristle with excitement. While we're on the topic, I was so darn ecstatic to get back into a Polity story arch. I love ALL of your books, but there is just something special about the Polity novels; something that resonates deep within my psyche. It's almost as if, in some other life or form of consciousness, I have been to these places. I don't know how to explain it better except by drawing a parallel with the sense of déjà vu Spear kept experiencing. It's an odd sensation that I have grown to relish so keep on blowing my mind, Neal!

Unknown said...

I don't read your blog just to make sure my favorite author is producing my next pleasurable read. There is always food for the mind in your thoughts and struggles. And along the way I have come to know and care for you as a person, which is a gift to me and perhaps others who follow your musings. I trust the journaling is at least as rewarding for you.