Friday, February 20, 2009


A little while back on this blog, when I was ranting about some of the crap I’d watched either on television or at the cinema, someone suggested I should watch Dexter (Vaude?). Well, I didn’t mention it at the time, but I did watch most of the first season and enjoyed it thoroughly. In fact, the basic premise of the show of a serial killer whose prey is killers, was close to one I used in a short story I wrote over ten years ago (It was called ‘Trophies’, and the serial killer was a hunter of serial killers, Dexter just nobbles the normal kind).

Now I’m watching the second season and, since Caroline has now succumbed, I’ve gone and bought the first season (very reasonable on Amazon) and look forward to catching up on those critical episodes I missed at the end of the first. Yup, Dexter is excellent stuff and gets my recommendation.


daniel said...

it is a good show - i watched a lot of the first season, but stopped because the lighting is just so damn awful - between this and csi miami is it the place or just the tv shows that insist on having weird filters on the cameras? i know - bad reason to stop, but i don't have much time for tv - 24, battlestar galactica and flashpoint are it for now.

Kirby Uber said...

i love the shit out of dexter.

from a couple halloweens ago.

season three is fantastic. you are in for a good ride. also, check out the books the tv series is based on, by jeff lindsay.

darkly dreaming dexter, dearly devoted dexter, and dexter in the dark. the fourth is due out this September, dexter by design.

Afront said...

Dexter's brilliant, my favourite current 'crime' show. Series 3 starts off a bit slower than the first two, but by episode 4 or 5 I was hooked again.

Not seen Flashpoint but will look out for it now.

I was impressed by Joss Whedon's Dollhouse pilot btw: lots of moral greyness like BSG and not a guy-with-demon-teeth-of-the-week in sight!

Martin Sommerfeld said...

Season 2 is indeed brilliant. Season 3 has kind of a slow start, but gets back on track later. And the sidestory with masuka's paper really made my day.

Concerning the novels: I fear reading them, cause I heard there later on come some supernatural elements into it and Dexter does sooooo not need that...

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

you sick fuks.
season three, the skinner.

just saw a good one "The Believers" '87. movie that has a similar blade raise you would see in a Dexter powerkill mixed with religious fever. sorta like "Burnt Offerings" in the nyc ghetto.

anyone ever see the movie "Mad Masters"? oddest voodoo docu ive seen ever.
move over Buckingham family, legitimate competency is just across the water.

Anonymous said...

I did love the show up until he found he liked sex, as if that was ment to 'humanize' him. To me it said, "well he may be an unfeeling mass murderer, but he's still human cause he fucks." I'm surprised all the asexuals didn't revolt.

Actually I still love the show

Kirby Uber said...

Concerning the novels: I fear reading them, cause I heard there later on come some supernatural elements

totally agree. in this rare instance, i would say i like the TV series better? well differently anyway. i ignore the nod to supernatural shit in the books. ;p

the TV preference could have something to do with the man crush on Michael Hall. totally hetro.