Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The King's Ship

Here then is the image that might appear on the back of Orbus. It's pretty much correct in that it shows the King of the Prador's ship much as described. This thing is fifty miles from top to bottom, but is suitable transport for a rather large monster in need of some personal space. Oberon, the Prador King, is a creature with a tendency to extreme and destructive irritation in personal encounters, and the result is usually messy. When his ire extends to worlds, this ship's weapons are more than sufficient.


Anonymous said...

This artwork for your books just gets better and better Neal. Can't say much more than that, but wow!

daniel said...

has it got atmospheric sections? all the prador ships so far have been of the exotic-metal bronze-ish ovoids with massive coil-gun ports....as you've described them.

Owen said...

It makes for an awesome desktop wallpaper.
I assume this is also the work of Steve Rawlings.
Just trying to make out the various parts... Is the green globe the energy shield? It looks like a saucer buzzing a space station with massive gun turrets, only the scale is deceiving.
Very cool.

battleflag13 said...

Neal- think we'll ever get a shot of the "Cable Hogue" on a cover? Or "Jerusalem"?

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

tip of the rice bonnet to ...destruction? doesn't that look like a wide brimmed cap on the top?

a definite nod to the charles manson black bus driving thru topanga canyon. i see it clearly.

Peter said...

Yet more incredibly large space ships. Yay!