Thursday, February 19, 2009

Frequent Visitor.

He was waiting outside the back door after we'd been away for months and soon fell back in to his usual routine of attacking towels and coming in and sleeping on our bed. Caroline had wondered if he's not sure who he belongs to, but I've pointed out that he thinks that we and his owner, our neighbour Heidi, all belong to him. His name's Basil.


Jacques Hughes said...

Dogs have masters, Cats have servants. you have been chosen, Accept it.

Love the writing btw.

Anonymous said...

Obligatory cat remark.

At some point cats learned a meta hunting technique. Instead exerting themselves they trained a hairless ape to do the hunting for them. Once the humans were trained to stay in place the humans developed agriculture to be provide for there new masters. The rest of civilization developed in this manner.

Of course there were some rebels (ferals) on each side that rejected this new world order but they are obviously suffered some sort of brain abnormality and will hopefully be bred out in time.

Bob Lock said...

Look, although the pussy you have in bed with you is interesting, Neal, we would much rather see the unpublished manuscripts that you've got hoarded away for our future delectation :)

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

his name is Black Ops (Code) 726H22-1073D Victor Charlie Tango.......and if you don't see the function right off then .....well you can guess the rest of the story, that's a hobby of yours.

Paul said...

We had a cat like that (he died in Dec). He'd wait on neighbours when they got home and pop in to see them through the day if they were in. He'd sit at the bottom of the drive and wait for people to pass then he'd follow them and roll about hoping for a tickle.

In fact it was the neighbours who rushed him to the vet when he took ill (bless 'em). He's been missed by most of the street.

So enjoy your friendly cat Neal. As said he's picked you as his new man servant. Resistance is futile.