Monday, February 02, 2009

Loft Library C to G

Here's a random shot of my loft library and you've got Cherryh to Gemmel, or rather Graves (there are a few none SFF books scattered through here). Seeing this I'm reminded of past reading joys, like the Philip Jose Farmer's Riverworld books, the easy reading of Alan Dean Foster and the sadly missed David Gemmel. In fact every book here has been a reading pleasure. Books don't get to stay on my shelves if they're just mediocre. I'm guessing Bob Lock will quite like these shelves, as will Gary Gibson (not sure where I've put Stealing Light, Gary, but it will end up there). Nor do the numerous titles missing here that I read from the library.

I haven't put every picture up because there's loads of them, and I thought it might be fun to let you suggest a writer, then I'll find the picture that covers that writer's portion of the alphabet...


Paul said...

What you brewing Neal?

Bob Lock said...

Yes Neal,
I must compliment you on your taste, some great books there *cough*
Hey! and the fact that you brew-your-own! A bit dangerous doing it near your library though, I've had many an explosion of homebrew and have been banned from producing any more... A pity really because I was hoping to find a good recipe for Nut Brown. When I first started work it was as a clerk for a brewery called William Hancocks in Swansea and they brewed the finest Nut Brown I've ever tasted, recently I've been trying to find something similar but to no avail (Manns is about the only thing available) but I have heard there are some good recipes around if only you can find them.

BTW did you have a gander at that post of mine about the old SF story? Ring any bells?


Neal Asher said...

Paul, it started off as elderberry but, since I put in too many berries and it turned out too full of tannin even for me, I've since combined it with a stock of cherry plum wine. Must give it a try sometime soon, as it's been up there for two years. Then again, after a month off of the booze I had a few glasses of red last night and didn't enjoy them at all. Very odd.

No chance of that lot exploding or doing anything unexpected -- fermentation finished ages ago and it's just aging now. As for beer, that's in a barrel out in my shed. I just use the basic IPA kit and that's fine.

Neal Asher said...

Yes, I did see that post, Bob, but I'm afraid it rings no bells at all.

XiXiDu said...

When it comes to old books then I cannot join the conversation except for Stanislaw Lem and maybe Gregory Benford's books starting in the 1970's which is basically primitive times for me where people still thought the world was flat (emotive wise).

I watched Serpico yesterday because there was nothing else on TV and that means alot since for a few exceptions I normaly don't watch such old movies. I thought, wow how could you live then? HAH! :-)

Afront said...

Suggests a writer: how about John Brunner, or Harry Harrison.

bascule said...

Thought I'd join in.

Bookcase one is in the living room so quite neat, if no ordered.

Bookcases 2 and 3 are in the bedroom so are stuffed, 2 rows per shelf, laid on top and handy junk strewn all over the place. They are 50 inches wide, 6 shelves each so thats about 100 foot of total book chaos.

There is a bookcase 4 but that will need serious work to get a photo off.

Vaude. smack in the middle of bookcase 3 is a Nagata, Ellison is on bookcase 4.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...


one Nagata. sounds about right. hard to find sometimes.

Asheir: how about Pohl? theres a ton of em. dont think ive ever seen an import over in the states. curious about Brunner and Harrison also since i have semi complete u.s. prints of that stuff (Deathworld must've been some kind of traumatic specific for you i would imagine).

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...


holy shit! you got layers! your 5 years, and just a tightrope looney step away from boxes!!!!!

congrads! youre as nuts as me!!!!