Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Any twitchers in the house? We spotted this on our hedge this morning and I can't figure out whether it's a kestrel, sparrowhawk or what. I think it was driven over from its usual perch on the telegraph wires by the spraying activity out there. Anyone know?


Pavlov's Cat said...

I would say it's a Sparrowhawk , Kestrels are brown ( and a bit smaller I think)

pills4menerves said...

Hi Neal. I think it's a male sparrowhawk, quite a common bird, especially in the kind of landscape you are showing there. We had one in our garden the other week, eviscerating and consuming some other small bird. I took a lot of photos. At the end of about 30 mins it flew off and all that was left was blood and feathers. Very exciting, especially for the kids (actually I was the one hopping and boggle-eyed).



Paul said...

Looks like a Sparrow Hawk if this page is right. The reddish plumage on the top of the chest matches.

I thought you were about to talk about crap lager