Monday, February 02, 2009

Loft Library H to M & M to S

Okay, Vaude and Afront wanted Harrison and Pohl, let's have a look ... nope, not looking hopeful on the Pohl front.


Swainson said...

What are you doing with MY books in your loft.

The Dosadi Experiment
Times Dark Laughter

Fantastic, I really am going to have to brave the loft.

Afront said...

Naturally a sea of sci-fi but I think that's two non-genre titles I've spotted now (the Robert Graves and the Byron book).

I only read Tim Powers' The Anubis Gates quite recently and loved it: must try some more of his.

I'm still smarting after being sniped the other day on my ebay bid for Brunner's The Sheep Look Up. Wiki-p has it as a "notable work" and yet it's been out of print for years.

That's a lot of Moorcock, Neal.

But I only see one Dick.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

healthy Moorcock, healthy Niven, healthy Silverberg. it's really hazardous to your health to not have Pohl, or Herbert's 'Whipping Star', or most blaring Harrison's 'Deathworld'. i will ignore the slight, and assume the library books have been hidden out of the gov monitored camera sight because of the 'overdue book' barcode stamp on your forehead.