Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I didn't lose it!

Whilst sorting through my book collection last year I noted that under the Bs I only had one T. J. Bass: The Godwhale. My favourite, in fact one of my very favourite books of all time, seemed to be missing. However, this morning I found it!



ILTYT_Adventure said...

I need to read that at some point.

And on the subject of reading matter, I'm working my way through the Hyperion Omnibus (both books in one huge volume) by Dan Simmons. He truly is an extraordinary writer. I've not read his Bio anywhere, but I will make a point today if time allows.

I know he was a teacher, and I'm broadly assuming up front that his subject was English and the classics. I've asked before I'll ask again; have you read any of his stuff?

LarryS said...

Hmm not heard of this author and yet the title The Godwhale rings a bell. Is it SF or fantasy?

Neal Asher said...

I read Hyperion probably not long after it was first published and enjoyed it. I have to admit that it's only in the last five or so years that I realized it was a series. Perhaps I should get them all.

It's science fiction, Larry and his stuff appeared in the late sixties and early seventies (though not much of it) and is still thoroughly relevant even now.

Unknown said...

Hi Larry,

Half Past Human and Godwhale together comprise
one of the earliest works of SF to be centered on
biological and ecological themes; it considered the
prospects of a bioengineered neo-human future at
a time when, mostly, the genre still forsaw a human
future largely shaped by hard tech physics-based

Our host is correct in asserting its continued
relevance in a time when the possibilities it
invisions are being worked on in laboratories
around the world.

Spencer said...

I read Ilium by Dan Simmons, but to be honest i didnt really enjoy it, and didnt look for anything else by him. So the Hyperion ones are worth reading?

Neal Asher said...

Ah, it's just two books sometimes published as one? All I can remember was reading a book with the shrike in it so maybe I read both. I forget.

Thud said...

Ha! I thought I was pretty much alone in treasuring these two books...good stuff hey?

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

the great grandson of this invention was in the 'Half Past..' book.

what a weird new wave cover. looks like this guy was in Split Enz AND Zolar X.

dont miss 'Lovedeath' by Simmons. some great stuff in there after the first story.

ILTYT_Adventure said...

Illium is one of two, the second being Olympos. As noted Dan Simmons was a teacher (still not looked for his bio) but his books all appear to be re-tellings of classics, so Illium was the Illiad. Hyperion is a re-gigging of the Canterbury tales.

I like the sideways analysis of other classics by his characters. to wit, the robots ongoing discussion of Shakespeare and Proust during Illium, and in Hyperion (so far) the references to classic poets.

I can see why some would find it a bit wafty, but I just think it's incredibly clever, and I like clever.