Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Robotic Trousers

Seeing this, I cannot help but think about the Wallace and Gromit 'The Wrong Trousers'. However, this sort of thing is seriously cool and is only going to get better. Reminds me of a piece I did for Nature Magazine in which I had a guy going to a museum to see one particular exhibit there: a wheelchair. Let's hope that sort of thing happens in the near future. I wonder if, in my lifetime, it'll cease to be compulsory to have wheelchair access to new-build houses?

An Israeli entrepreneur has invented robotic 'trousers' that can help paraplegics walk again.


Amit Goffer was paralysed in a car crash in 1997 and immediately set out to invent a device that could replace the wheelchair.

He has invented 'ReWalk': robotic trousers that use sensors and motors to allow paralysed patients to stand, walk and even climb stairs


Roger said...

liked that one :)


Fader209 said...

Yeah but if he pisses himself he will get electrocuted.

Or an evil penguin will use them in his evil master plan.

Must I think of everything...

alibaba said...

Check out rexbionics.com

Their exoskeleton legs were unveiled earlier this year; there's cerainly a future for them as long as a decent power supply can be sorted.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your mention of Rex here! Our robotic legs are now available for sale in New Zealand with launches in other countries expected by the end of 2011.

The current generation battery has a charge for 2 hours continuous use and is rechargeable. It can also be swapped out for another battery if the user would like to do more standing and walking.

Best wishes,
Thomas at Rex Bionics. www.rexbionics.com
p.s. We've also completely banned evil penguins from the Rex Bionics lab to avoid any unwanted incidents of the "Wrong Trouser" type. :)

Neal Asher said...

I couldn't get the full url, Roger.

Fader209, it occurs to me that a male paraplegic would consider it wonderful to be able to stand and piss in a urinal. This is supposing that he could get there fast enough (presuming he didn't have a colostomy bag, which is possible now).

Thanks alibaba, I've done a recent post about that.

Thanks for paying a visit Thomas. Keep up the good work!

Fader209 said...

It's strange the things we take for granted I guess.
I worked in care homes the past couple of years so consider me well versed in all things catheter/stoma related.
It really does make you feel useless looking after a blind, diabetic amputee as you can't possibly make things better :(

Neal Asher said...

You can make things better, Fader209, but they put you in prison for it.

Fader209 said...

It really is the kindest thing to do in the end :(

Thankfully that guy in particular died within the 6 months I was there so I like to think he wasn't in too much discomfort for long.

Kind of a weird story but I dreamt he died around the week he did in fact die and I hadn't seen him for months.

Neal Asher said...

Maybe you picked up on the scent in the air. Wasn't there a cat in an old people's home that used to do that - if it started to hang around a particular resident the staff knew that one wasn't long for the world.

Anonymous said...

Got it :)