Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Who Reads My Books: Hitch.

My name is Vaughan, but I get called and prefer to be called Hitch. It took many years to create the aura of Hitch, lots of hard work, nagging and, "Just call me Hitch, it’s less gay!" Suffice to say I am not overly keen on my actual name as it doesn't really relate to me. I don't dig sheep, have a Welsh tenor’s voice, or drive Ivor the Engine down the windy tracks each and every day, nor am I Welsh. Yes, my parents hated me :) They actually called me Vaughan because, and I quote, "It cannot be shortened when you are at school". Trouble was, my last name is Jackson... so yeah, who the fuck cared about Vaughan – I was Jacko for years... shudder.

What am I like? Well, I have an ego but I am cool with it (that may be the ego talking though). I love music, reading, gaming, the daughter and the GF (Who also rates you as possibly the best modern – and living – Sci-fi author) though perhaps not in that order. I have been a broadcaster on community radio back in Sheffield, UK, and on various Internet Radio stations (the future of mediocrity). I have also DJ'd in a club, been a sales manager, sales director, butcher, carpet-fitter and worked on Doncaster Racecourse telling the gypsies to fuck off or we would have them! Brave or suicidal? You choose. My last job was as a Chef. Right now I am looking for work and hoping to find some soon. Need someone to work for you in Scandinavia Neal?

I was/am English, depending on who you ask. If you ask me, I am now Norwegian. I live in Trondheim with my girl, Emma, and my daughter. I moved here about six years ago and regret not one bit of it, although in the winter we often contemplate moving somewhere with white beaches and clear green seas.

My website, is my only outlet to the world these days, well, that and Twitter (@hi7ch) and anyone that wants to follow me, please do so! We may not have much in common but I am sure I will annoy you into heated debate at some point – I have a habit of doing this.

Been reading the wonderful works of Mr Asher here since the floppy, laminated, Runcible Tales (Writer of the Future) book and to the best of my knowledge have all his novels and a couple of short story collections. None of them are signed though so Neal, get your arse to Trondheim, I'll cook then you come for a drink with us, and do a book signing over here? Hey, I can try can't I? :)

What I miss? Hmm. I am 42 (Which works well with my nickname!), look 35, or so the ladies say, not me. Should probably work as a comedian... Pink Floyd rule! Love all books, prefer hard Sci-Fi over most. Am a massive Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fan, hence the chosen nickname. Once met Douglas Adams. Want Herodotus: The Histories, for Christmas. Write short stories and occasionally and stick them online. Erm, that has to cover most of it, surely?

Pics attached, feel free to scream upon viewing.


Jebel Krong said...

heh don't forget being friends on XBL! :p

great stuff, though for some reason i thought you were in the US originally...

Hitch said...

Oh yeah and I am freinds with Jebel on XBL! Satisfied? :p

USA?? No. I drink tea son, not coffee :)

Thanks for sticking this up Neal, and thanks for sticking up the others too, bloody great idea.

Fader209 said...

Gamers unite!

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

if you like Douglas Adams try some Robert Sheckley early short stories.

Run Like Hell...from gypsies.

Unknown said...

Small world isn't it Hitch - you still playing Eve ?

Hitch said...

Thanks Vaude, gonna check out The Monsters and Other Science Fiction Tales by him.

Jason, might be a small world mate but I need more to work on that a first name :) Although the name Jason and Eve is ringing something in my brain.

You got twitter or something?

Maybe you should rename your site, Gamer Friends Reunited, Neal :p

Unknown said...

Once upon a time I was County

Hitch said...

Good god! County!

WTF, you find me on Neals blog! Very small world indeed mate :)

And no, right now I ain't playing Eve. Theres a decent set of reasons why on the blog :)

Apoligies to everyone else, including Neal, for hijacking his blog with my mates :p

Neal Asher said...

Do carry on. My speciality does involve alien worlds after all!

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

i have a feeling Douglas Adams took most of his ques from Sheckley.

Hitch said...

Ya know Neal, I need to introduce you to Eve Online and my corporation in there. Its right down your alley :)

Stealth ships, Black Ops assassinations! All in space in funky spaceships :) Nice hard universe too. Cormac would do well in it!

Unknown said...

Currently taking an extended leave of absence myself, only right after 7 years and was turning into a bitter vet :(

Been reading Neals blog for a few months now - began reading around the time of the puppy incident (no way I'd have stopped until I'd turned the kids into nasty stains on the pavement!), and casually lurked since then, seen your name pop up a few times, wondered, then thought "Nahhhh" because there wasn't a '7' in your name :)

Hitch said...

The 7 is when somebody pretending to be cool takes my username first :p

I get the bitter vet. Been there and done that, feel like an aged Sparkind sometimes. Past all that now, I quit for a few months, whatever it takes for Incarna to rear up and bite us on the ass then will see if its worth popping back on.

Its hard though. I got the rep, did the cool things, became the warrior death dealing sonofabitch, not much left after that :)

Neal Asher said...

Introduce me to that kind of stuff, Hitch, and my book output might well hit zero. I waqs bad enough with straight foward patience on the computer, and even worse when I got introduced to hidden object games. I've got enough addictions.

Hitch said...

LOL Neal. Ok mate, no Eve for you.. EVER! When the GF saw what I wrote in here she said "NO! He will stop writing!" That was before you said it.. so I was already warned to not persue it, hehe.

Hmm addictions, I feel a blog post coming up, after the "holidays"