Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Book Collection

Here are Phil Middleton's books:

As part of my book collection is now organised, (the hardback/paperback part) I thought you might like a photo. I’m shocked to see how few I have now they are all in one place but we decided awhile ago it’s not possible to keep everything forever so the local PDSA gets regular boxes from us.


Neal Asher said...

Nice to see a couple of Clarkson's there, which are always good for a laugh. But tell me, what's The Quantum Thief like? Any good?

Fader209 said...

Phil has both the DVDs of Spaced.

Phil is awesome.

Phil M said...

Thanks for posting the photo Neal.
I'm just over half way in The Quantum Thief, for a first novel it's very impressive, his writing style is very to the point, no wasted words, lots of information in short sentences and paras. Haven't a clue what he's on about half the time, as there is little or no backstory and some of the ideas are very strange with different peoples, factions and tech. How about downloading someones mind for sale (illegally) to a race who collect thoughts and memories but hiding it in chocolate!!??
I would recommend it, I'm certainly looking forward to his next book.

Thank you, you obviously have excellent taste as well

Spencer said...

Big Tom Sharpe book, awesome :)