Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Audio Books

They're not up yet. I'm told:

I’m sorry to say that although we planned that your series would be live tomorrow it appears there was some glitch in the upload on the US side. We have tagged this as ‘urgent’ for them, and they have promised to try and get it live by Friday. As soon as we release it we will promote it in all our social media channels. Also, if you’d like, we can provide a trackable link to the product page for the series for your blog.

In further news, look who's narrated the three books: William Gaminara.

Before joining the cast of Silent Witness, William's last major role was as Will in the dot com drama Attachments.

His other TV credits include The Law, People Like Us, Hope and Glory, and Dangerfield.

William played Dr. Richard Locke in the BBC Radio 4 drama The Archers. He previously starred as Casualty's Dr Andrew Bower between 1989 and 1992, a character that returned in 2000 with Philip Bretherton in the role. William's also played a doctor in The Bill.

As well as acting, William is an accomplished writer. His work includes episodes of This Life and The Lakes, and he recently adapted Ella and the Mothers for TV from Rachel Morris' novel.


Neal Asher said...

And as Alastair Wiseman reminded me you have been able to hear some of my stuff for some time:

Neal Asher said...

Tiny url for it:

Neal Asher said...

Here at Escape Pod, where you can also find Acephalous Dreams too:

Disco Stu said...
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Neal Asher said...

Disco Stu, that's a position all us fanatical readers find ourselves in from time to time.

Disco Stu said...

So of the better positions as well I feel.

BTW Just finishing The Skinner for 3rd time (going thru all your books by internal chronology).
Thumping good reads Sir, I salute you.
Sniper still fave character - might I register my petition for his regular return?

Neal Asher said...

He might yet. I'm hoping to write at least another twenty or thirty books before I snuff it.

Graeme. said...

woohoo - they're up on
I bought my copy of The Skinner - was I the first !??!

Link here