Sunday, January 16, 2011


Thanks to Huan Tan for sending me this link.

Intelligent robot technology is one of the next generation new technologies which will lead the 21st century's industrial and military science technologies with the development of artificial intelligence (AI). For example, a monitoring and sentry system can be a sophisticated system employing a variety of technologies such as ultra-low brightness camera technology, image recognition technology, image processing and storing technology, voice recognition technology, servo technology, image tracking technology, and system control technology.

In The Departure they are called reader-guns.


vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

meet the baby grandfathers of the Polity learning curve:

and more Agent Cormac shuriken's great grand-cousin's submind carpenter uncles:

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

the smart fence cant determine plant from biped. non lethal, radar driven oops moment in the billion dollar bucket:

really really sorry about that Boeing.

Neal Asher said...

Theose quadrotors remind of wasps in action.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

some guy was flying one around near 14th street and market the other day. its called S.F. for a reason.

pre Gordon Sniper and 13 before they got their play shells:

Alex Cull said...

Vicious things they are, too, these robotic gun turrets; I've had to deal with my share of them when playing System Shock 2.

I wonder, was Michael Crichton the first to use the idea of an automatic sentry system in a work of fiction (Congo, 1980)?

By the way, looking forward to reading The Departure, in due course.

Spencer said...

On a mostly unrelated note about new technology, i watched a fascinating program yesterday about jupiter and saturn. Sligtly off topic, but it talked about the moon europa (i think), and showed a fellow in texas who is designing these almost autonomous "drones" which can travel underwater and map huge underground caverns. The idea is that when they know exactly how to get through the icy surface, they want to send 3 or for of these down into the ocean beneath the ice to look for life. Im sure this probably isnt news to you science bods here, but these little robots were excellent, and to think that in my lifetime (maybe) they could be used to map a different world, it was brill.
Sorry, i waffle :)

Neal Asher said...

I just love the idea of a dark internal ocean there, maybe swarming with alien life. But then, as many are aware, I've got a thing about ocean life.