Monday, January 17, 2011

Who Reads My Books: Andy Plumbly

Andy Plumbly / Fader 209

Hey, my name is Andy and I’m a geek. I’m 26 and living in Norwich where I have been since forever. Reading sci-fi books, watching sci-fi movies and playing games takes up most of my free time when I’m not doing arty bits and pieces or writing.

Which leads me to when I first contacted Neal years back with a picture I did of some Frogwhelks after being inspired greatly by The Skinner. The lines were wobbly and it was a cartoon design but Neal kindly put it up on his blog and Myspace page which made me super happy.

Art and design was more of a hobby back then but over the years (after gradually gaining more skills & confidence) I realised I wanted to go into art and design as a job.

So here I am, trying to start up as an artist/graphic designer! It’s tough finding work (as it is in general for all unemployed at the moment) but I’m building up a portfolio in this spare time and doing work for free if friends need something done.

As mentioned at the beginning of this I would consider myself to be a geek. Been gaming since I was 3 when I first played Pac-Man on the Atari 2600. Chewing on the controller was also fun.

I have recently bought Pac-Man Championship Edition DX on the 360.…so yeah, full circle.

Chewing on the controller still sometimes happens.

Pics of my face, bookshelf and arty stuff included for your visual digestion!



Neal Asher said...

I'm glad to see Banks and Pratchett there in your collection.

Spencer said...

Some of those ps2 games take me back! Awesome fella. Whats your gamertag?

todd said...

those banks volumes are a really nicely designed matching set. i ended up buying them all in at one time from which was a chunk of change but they look so good on the shelf

Fader209 said...

Yeah the Banks books are another on-going collection for me but I'm also going to pick up his other non sci-fi work as they look interesting (Wasp Factory in particular).

Spencer - there are some classics in there! Still boot up the PS2 every now and then for those games as well as PS1 stuff.
My gamertag is Fader209. Imaginative I know ;)

Fader209 said...

And thanks for the comments guys. It was getting really lonely on this post lol.