Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hilldiggers, German.

I received some copies of this Lubbe translation of Hilldiggers a little while ago and, as Martin from Germany pointed out, I haven't put it up on my blog. Here it is then, 'The Children of the Drone' with something that looks suspiciously like a crashed Vorlon spaceshp on the cover. I don't mind that; I like Vorlons!
I'll also be putting up new German covers of my older books Martin kindly pointed out to me.


raphael said...

yay, thats going to be interesting!

i stopped catching up with your work in german since the first book i read of yours (which was the skinner - a fairly resistant book when it comes to butchering titles). i switched to reading them in english afterwards.

Live for films said...

Very nice cover on that. Have you got the artwork without the text knocking about as that would be great to see?

Also I posted that fan made poster for Gridlinked you mentioned on the LFF site and it has been getting some nice comments.

Martin said...

Lol, spot-on remark about the vorlon ship... I knew that design seemed familiar somehow.

As for translations butchering titles (or giving too much away) John Scalzi recently wrote a nice blog entry. And while they didn't actually change the skinner in "The Skinner", Raphael, they of course couldn't just leave it like that, so they named it "Skinner - The blue death". About the quality of the actual translations of Asher books I can't say anything, since like Raphael I stopped buying them some time ago. A decision that in the happy times of internet-orders even pays off economically with the recent pound/euro (as well as $/€) rate. ;-)

This artwork for Hilldiggers is indeed quite nice for german science fiction standards, but you can never be sure that they didn't rip it from somewhere else. :-( (Which they definitly didn't do with the upcoming new Asher-line, whatever you think of that, you can see that someone put some thought into that).

XiXiDu said...

Just took some quick photos of all your books currently available in German:

I've also noticed that upcoming reprints are getting a new cover and that there is one new book coming out: (
New book: Cormacs Krieg (Line War)

New covers:

Neal Asher said...

XiXiDu, yup I've got pictures of those new covers ready to put up on the blog after following links Martin gave me. Do you mind if I use that first picture of the old books you've taken?

XiXiDu said...

You can use any of them as you like freely. If you need better photos or anything, let me know.

sufiboy said...

Do you know when this was published? Only I play in a band with the same name!

Neal Asher said...

It was published first in English as Hilldiggers. Children of the Drone is just the German title.