Monday, December 15, 2008

Old German Covers

Here's some pictures from XiXiDu (?) of all the original German covers, though many of them are not all that original. One there is from Arthur C Clarke's 2010 (spot the monolith) and another is from a John Meaney book. Perhaps someone can tell me what the others are from? Not that I'm complaining, Lubbe has bough books of mine before I've even written them and is always the first foreign publisher to publish new ones!


Olaf said...

Do you get to choose the foreign language titles?

I don't speak German but I can tell that the titles are a lot different than the English.

Neal Asher said...

Der Drache Von Samarkand is The Dragon of Samarkand. Der Messingmann is The Brass Man. Cormac's Kreig is Cormac's War. But I can't get a translation of Das Erb Dschainas...

Nope, I don't get to choose them. Not knowing the language I might choose a straight translation of Gridlinked and have it turn out to mean: A Device Plugged into Mains Power!

XiXiDu said...

Here is probably all the info you need:

(Titelbild/illustration = Cover
Umschlaggestaltung: Envelope design)

I also found higher resolution versions of some covers:


Quick Google:

Der Drache von Samarkand (Gridlinked) - Cover:
by Michael Whelan

Skinner. Der blaue Tod (The Skinner) - Cover:
by Michael Whelan

Der Erbe Dschainas (The Line of Polity) - Cover:
Die Zeitbestie (Cowl) - Cover:
? Couldn't find it on his homepage. But you can tell that it is also made by Jim Burns, if you compare the style.
by Jim Burns

Der Messingmann (Brass Man) - Cover,
Das Tor der Zeit (Polity Agent) - Cover,
Kinder der Drone (Hilldiggers) - Cover::
Again not to be found on his homepage, but the cover seems to be his style.
by Fred Gambino
(Interesting find: Check the cover of this and this book, both made by Fred Gambino. I own the first one too.)

Die große Fahrt der Sable Keech (The voyage of the Sable Keech) - Cover:
Sailing Beyond
(Here it is, click on the image for high resolution)
by Rainer Kalwitz

XiXiDu said...

Yeah Olaf you are right, I forgot the translations!

Chronological as they have been printed:

Original: Gridlinked
German: Der Drache von Samarkand
Translation: The Dragon of Samarkand

Original: The Skinner
German: Skinner. Der blaue Tod
Translation: Skinner. The Blue Death

Original: The Line of Polity
German: Der Erbe Dschainas
Translation: Devisee/inheritor of the Jain ("Heritage of the Jain" would have been a better choice I think, but then it would have to say "Das Erbe..." not "Der Erbe")

Original: Cowl
German: Die Zeitbestie
Translation: Time Beast

Original: Brass Man
German: Der Messingmann
Translation: Identical

Original: The voyage of Sable Keech
German: Die große Fahrt der Sable Keech
Translation: The journey of Sable Keech

Original: Polity Agent
German: Das Tor der Zeit
Translation: The Time Gate

Original: Hilldiggers
German: Kinder der Drohne
Translation: Children of the Drone

As I get the newest book and the reprints arrive I'll check for the cover designer!

Olaf said...

Cheers XiXiDu,

It's interesting to know the other titles for the books.

Swainson said...

Third from the left on the top row looks like Sten by Allen Cole.
The one under that looks like a Larry Niven book, the one next to it i recognise but can't for the life of me remember the title, Simon Hawke's Time Wars maybe?

Jonathan said...

Book number seven is Paradox, by John Meaney. Number six I've seen before but can't remember where.

daniel said...

Der Zeitbestie uses the cover for John Meaney's "Context" sci fi novel - i have the paperback. sadly he's gone over to fantasy these days... as has hamilton (at least 60% of his newest novel anyway). :-(

Martin said...

terrific, they really stole nearly everything... :-))

XiXiDu said...
Original: The Line of Polity
German: Der Erbe Dschainas
Translation: Devisee/inheritor of the Jain ("Heritage of the Jain" would have been a better choice I think, but then it would have to say "Das Erbe..." not "Der Erbe")

You seem to miss the fun part here: they just CHANGED that title with the new edition from der to das!! Like you I think that makes sense, so well done Lübbe.

XiXiDu said...

You are right Martin! :-D

Original: The Line of Polity
German: Das Erbe Dschainas
Translation: Heritage of Jain

I think of Jain would also be valid, or do you think it is of the Jain? Since in the German title the proper name is used as singular? In the book itself the Polity thinks it is an alien species called the Jain but I think Dragon notes that the technology does not originate from a group of beings and the German title seems to correspond.