Monday, December 29, 2008

Sci-Fi-London Interview

Well, there's a video interview with me up on the Sci-Fi-London site now, which will later be added to the list of interview on their .tv site. I haven't yet watched it myself but Caroline tells me it's OK - not too many ums and ers.

SCI-FI-LONDON was lucky enough to meet Neal Asher at his Essex home to talk about his latest book, The Gabble & Other Stories, about writing and about 15 years of the Polity universe, David Fincher, Heavy Metal and the internet as a distraction from real work.

Now, I really really must get out of Christmas mode and do some of that real work.


Antony said...

Not bad at all Mr Asher, it actually answered may of the questions I have wondered at myself (do you plan your books in advance and would you write fantasy etc).

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

halfway in, and you actually smile. not a hard man at all.

you ever see the Sheckley movie "The Tenth Victim" ?

AND.....who was H.G. Wells compared to?

(the interview continues).

Bob Lock said...

Hi Neal,
Excellent interview! You sound a little different to what I expected however, (not better or worse, just different and bear in mind I'm Welsh anyway so...)
I'm envious that you can get 10,000 words down in a week, my self discipline is non-existent, I can't write that much in a month!

I really hope you get the Heavy Metal gig, I'd love to see your work up on the big screen.

Just finished The Gabble and enjoyed it. Found it interesting in that you could see your early years in some of the short stories and the building of the Polity system.

Going to start on Shadow Of The Scorpion next, but you need to slap Night Shade's wrist, there is a pretty bad editing glitch on the first page which they should have caught.

Thud said...

It;s going to be rough next year...treat yourself to another couple of days indulging.

packrat54 said...

I liked the interview - interesting to think that while you're writing you may well not know what's going to happen in the upcoming paragraph until you start typing it.

Martin said...


Martin said...

Just saw this: They commented on that interview over at io9.

Jools said...

Really enjoyed the interview, very interesting.

I watched the stone fish movie, stunning animation. Really cool.

Looking forward to some more cracking fiction next year (tomorrow I mean !)



Bob said...

Good stuff.

Reading the Gabble now- really liked Putrefactors. One of my favourite stories so far, and I'm barely halfway into the book. :)

Alex Cull said...

Just finished reading The Gabble & really enjoyed it. Got confused at one point & thought that Snow in the Desert must have been in the Africa Zero universe; it wasn't, though, was it? Now looking forward to the gabbleduck novel you promised, hoping for more revelations about the Atheter mystery. Happy New Year!

Neal Asher said...

Alex, something completely different next - set in the Owner universe as in the stories in The Engineer ReConditioned. More about gabbleducks in a few years...