Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lettuce Kills your Sense of Humour

Here's an amusing column from Jeremy Clarkson, but what's even more amusing is reading the humourless, righteous, blinkered and nutty replies. As one of the saner people there commented:

I must admit that I am truly, truly saddened by the nearly complete lack of anything approaching a sense of humor in so many of the posters. Apparently, vegan diets are disabling that part of people's brains. Seriously, people, lighten up a bit.


Bob Lock said...

Anyone can see that the answer is obvious. Every vehicle, power station, home appliance should be converted to burn methane. Then each of the above gets plumbed into a cow's bottom and away you go.
Just think of the street cred Clarkson would gain by being the first to have a cow strapped to the roofrack of his Lambo with a pipe trailing from its arse into the engine.

letmethinkaboutit said...

Hi, welcome to the real world EarthSave, people need to eat meat. But, whatever, who cares that humans have evolved over millions of years with meat as an essential part of their diet. Or, am I not supposed to talk about evolution now? Shit, sorry.

But good point, why don't we treat animals with a drugs? Drugs could be the way forward. Im sure in a few years we would find out whether they caused cancer/exploding cows or not and then stop them?

Or, we could just start feeding cows each other again and see how far that goes in preventing methane production?

I could really do with a burger right now, it's a joke.

Alex Cull said...

I read the first few comments and started laughing at the phrase "planetary damage" (caused by meat-eating) so much I couldn't continue.

I don't eat much meat myself, but even I can see that this is not going to destroy all life as we know it.

Except of course if some gigantic space entity such as a Mutant Star Goat were to eat the Earth by mistake; then there would be plenty of "planetary damage" and it would be catastrophic. :o)

Neal Asher said...

Bob, I think I see that scene done in Wallace and Gromit style. Then again, going SF, biomechanical cars with a large meat and cow stomach component. You pour in garden waste, run your car, and every so often empty a compartment that's filled up with beefburgers.

I think, all we need to save the world, is a small device that fits under a cows tail automatically striking a spark every time its rectum shows signs of opening. There might be a few barn fires, but what does that matter when you're saving the planet?

Alex, I laughed, but reading on through the sheer number of holier-than-thou preaching I lost my sense of humour. It's quite scary how many righteous people there are out there ready to pull on the jackboots and stomp all over everyone else's liberties in the name of their particular cause.