Monday, December 15, 2008

New German covers.


XiXiDu said...

I think the new covers are really nice, at the very least compared to the old covers. Especially "Der Messingmann".

Oh and I was probably still drowsy sunday morning noting that there are new covers when, as you told us, Martin already pointed that out to you.

Anyways, if I only had known that you would use the photos I would have put more effort and a better camera. *Ashamed* hehe :-)

Neal Asher said...

Yup, the Brass Man (Der Messingmann) cover is very good. Three very good covers for that book now: English, American and now German.

Nothing at all wrong with those photos - I like them very much.

Dave Robotham said...

I think... those German covers are the best I have seen for any of your books.

Anonymous said...

Good to see some decent German covers. More often than not, their cover art is shockingly bad. Like they are stuck in the 70's.


Martin said...

They are no doubt great by German standards, with Brass Man beeing the best. Maybe they took the "dragon" a bit too literally though. ;)

I never got the policy for science fiction covers here, mostly they are crap or stolen or both, a big shame when you see what is possible (with the SF MASTERWORKS series the standard for generations to come).

Neal Asher said...

Ach, looking at those Masterworks summons up feelings of regret. My parents were given a big collection of old Galaxy, If and Analogue magazines. Hours of wonderful reading and in some the serialized original of Dying Inside. We gave the damned magazines away.