Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ah, nicely gory stuff and a very enjoyable read, though some of the Bible quotes, though vaguely relevant to the story, rambled on a bit too long. We didn’t need a replay of the Crucifixion – the only relevant bit in that was Judas hanging himself. And I’m not even sure we needed that. I laugh at people who believe in the sky pixie and wouldn’t have the Bible in my house other than for woodburner fuel, but even I knew that. Interesting ending too. I’m not entirely sure the first TV production of it ended that way – can’t see how it could with Messiah’s II & III to follow. No, surely Ken Stott didn’t get busy with the hammer and nails, did he?


Martin said...

Seeing the last posts with covers I thought maybe it's time for some foreign Asher-Covers again?

Over here in Germany for instance your publisher seems to start a whole new Asher-Collection in 2009... I hope you get some kind of nice royalty for new editions of old stuff as well:

- Gridlinked
- Line of Polity
- Brass Man
- Line War (???)

And I think maybe you missed Hildiggers, still in the old Asher-Design though.

Neal Asher said...

Thanks Martin, I'll start putting those up, one at a time, to relish them. I notice no new cover for Polity Agent or The Skinner, later perhaps. Lubbe have have been seriously on top of my books and now, it seems, they're overtaking MacMillan who intend new covers for the first three books but haven't done any yet.

The royalty won't change, but that they're putting new covers on means they must still be selling!