Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Had Enough

Here is an excellent letter to an MP from someone who is rather disgruntled with the present state of affairs in this country. I thoroughly agree. It is, of course, the case that he is lucky to even be able to opt out. Most people are firmly nailed to the treadmill of debt, high taxes and a political class that delights in butt-fucking them at every opportunity:

We have both chucked our jobs. I made three people redundant and myself and my wife will no longer be paying taxes at anywhere near the rate we did before. We will both be seeking part time jobs and don’t really care about the salary levels.

Why would two professional people like us both dump our professions, the very things that as young adults we strove to achieve?

Simple. It just isn’t worth the effort anymore in a world where a significant minority leech off of the rest of us and where the government spends over 50% of what we earn and takes that money on pain of imprisonment...


j purdie said...

We should copy and paste this letter to our MPs - even if it's just to wind them up. Unfortunately my MP is Gordon Brown, who still hasn't shown his face in Parliament after the last election. Money for nothing eh Gordon?

I don't suppose there's any chance of the middle eastern uprisings spreading to here?

Disco Stu said...

Seems clear to me we can't look after each other.

Saw something a while ago (can't remember where at the mo) that plotted the demise of any civilisation along with the overall demise of its family units.

Saying any civ is a sum of its parts I mean. So as the individual bricks loose structural integrity the building starts to come apart. Cited Greek, Roman historical powers etc.

I found it interesting. Does this apply to our society though? And isn't that really suggesting that any society is made successful by the combined morality of its individuals?

I find when you mention morals a lot of people say 'yeah right'. Makes me wonder though if our politicians had a higher moral/ethical (call it what you will) standard then they would not be seen as such toe-rags.

What would it take to get a decent governmant?

Disco Stu said...

Or even government...8)

Rob said...

Revolution is coming

Lets just hope we do it as good and as peaceful as the Egyptians

...not likely to happen unless we have good organizers

2012 is not the begining of the end. It will mark the start of a new era, people will start to wake up around the world like they have in Egypt and Tunisia and take down Governments and Banks.

I am looking forward to this new future, just not the running up to getting there.

Jebel Krong said...

the delicious irony being that whilst the (generally) repressed people of the Arab world are finally waking up and taking a stand, the western world is finding its freedoms eroded by general apathy... which is exactly what the ruling elite want. oh come on revolution!

beak said...

another shine example of the system working to everyone's benefit..

ILTYT_Adventure said...

Just one proviso . That without society coming together, there will be (quite obviously anarchy), and whilst there are many possibly millions of parasites in society, there are also vulnerable people that we should look after, who have paid their dues, and if we revolted without thought for those people, we would be failing them and our principles.

On from this, the guy reflects my own childhood in certain respects. We grew up in the seventies, four kids to a room, no mains electric lighting as it had blown and my parents couldn't afford to get it fixed (my brother sorted it out when he qualified as a spark), no working bathroom just a large sink in the kitchen, and showers in the outhouse in summer via the hose, second hand and hand me down clothes from sibling to sibling and from neighbours, one room with a coal fire and paraphin heaters elsewhere, and all sorts of other social depravations, that I could write columns of shit about for "Closer magazine" etc ad infinitum.

The point, there were no real handouts, we were rotten poor, poorly dressed, and desperate, despised at school by our peers. But all four children grew up knowing that we were going to do better and earn and work our way out of poverty, and lo and fucking behold we did, because there was no other choice.

I work in Comms rooms in IT, My younger brother now fly’s Citations for private clients, my sister manages a small facilities teams for a big company, and my elder brother is looking for work having just been made redundant, but he is looking, because of course he is in the largest benfits minority there is, white male home owner, no disabilities, of working age with a partner in full time employment.

Sounds like the Monty Python “Four Yorkshiremen” sketch. But those were the realities just twenty and a bit years ago.I’m not saying that it’s a good thing, because it wasn’t, but what we have now is so much worse, because the parasites and feckless have leeway and rights far in excess of need or justification. It’s failure because, should there be said revolution, then the scrotes will loot and riot, and not understand the issue, like the little turds that jumped on the student demo bandwagon for the crack of smashing stuff up and thieving.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

hear hear!!!

Unknown said...

I do agree with it but I doubt it's real. No lawyer could ever write so succinctly.
Also no teacher earns £55k and still teaches.
But I still agree with it all. We've just had our first kid. We can't stop working yet childcare and commuting costs are now crippling. We're just waiting on the mortgage rates to go up when King finally asks for his pension. No we've not benefited from the low rates we 'sensibly' fixed the rate so we could plan ahead, now the banks will screw us when it's time to remortgage.

My wife IS a teacher, thanks to Cameron her reward for working 100hrs a week and managing to earn a little above average is to be brought into the higher rate tax band. We will lose out because not only will we pay more tax we'll lose the child benefit. The ONLY bit of state help we get.

My car is getting too expensive to run but I can't afford to change it because the bastards now charge 20% VAT on everything. I can't switch to a small car because I have a kid and need to move round a mountain of safety equipment in the car. Rear facing seats don't fit in small cars very well.

We can't move to a smaller house because the market is so bad we'd be worse off.

We'd like to have another child but have to consider if we can afford to pay £1000 a month for child care because we can't reduce our working hours. I've been told if I got to 3-4 days I'll never get back to 5.

I'm also told the childcare voucher scheme that lets us pay a proportion of the child care costs from our gross wages will be taken away.

Why fucking work these days. It's only the scumbags that can afford to live.

I remember seeing some fat fucks in the paper. Too fat to work they were living on benefits. They were getting into trouble for watching the their 42" plasma too loud. My fucking TV is 15 years old I can't afford a new one, how to those fat lazy fucks manage?

paulb said...

Got to say that I dont agree with the comment "the north east and wales live off the rest of us". As someone who lives in the NE we do have our share of problems but there are scroungers living all over the country and tarring us hard working northerners with the same brush is a bit insulting.

Apart from that I agree with everything he has said. Just wish we could afford to do the same or even just leave this country but family commitments mean we cant (wife is an only child with old parents, doesn't seem fair to bail on them)

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

dunno about how brits whale feeding habits (or families unemployed), but in the u.s. the big bulk of taxes go to 'bury my gold in the sand' military programs. taxes would be low if we cut out a majority of the military toilet handle gold plating.