Monday, February 28, 2011

Neal Asher Video Clip 27/2/11

And another one.


Disco Stu said...

Isn't that the same as last time?

Unknown said...

Nop, only the shirt.

Mark T Croucher said...

An Asher Doctor Who episode, I can't stop laughing. The scale of the destruction and the make up budget alone makes this impossible.

Disco Stu said...

Wait wait wait...when I clicked it was that planet size video..

Oh well

Although, you have changed the shirt inbetween right?

Neal Asher said...

Cheeky fucker.

Neal Asher said...

Mark, It would take a bit more than a sonic screw driver to bring down a Prador dreadnought. And, generally, whilst the good doctor is running around talking to himself as he works out some problem, a gabbleduck would have eaten him.

Incidentally, that wasn't a 'cheeky fucker' along the lines of 'I want to punch your lights out'. I regularly change my shirt, and it's regularly what I grab first from the top of the draw. Fashion icon I ain't.

Unknown said...

Hehe! I was like "It's not the same video but... why's this so familiar??" And the shirt was the culprit. :) Anyway, I've got some potential questions for your next video. Sorry in advance if you've already mentioned any of this before.

1. Neal Stephenson's an old favorite of mine and I noticed from a previous post you got Cryptonomicon. What did you think of it? Read anything else from him and, if so, enjoyed it?

2. Has the interaction you maintain with this blog's readers ever helped you with new ideas/concepts that, in one way or another, ended up in your writing?


Neal Asher said...

Or, to rephrase, I put on whatever is next sitting in the top of the draw...

Yes, couple of interesting questions there, Nuno. More questions from you all please. Just so long as you don't ask what fashion labels I favour. It's Asda, okay.

Sean said...

1) What's your favorite beer?
2) How much thought do you put into character names? I've read posts by other authors where they mention agonizing over character names in an attempt to get it "just right" for the particular setting. Your character names run the full range--for every more esoteric name such as "Formlam" or "Aesop" you have the more mundane "Ron". Do character names evolve to fit the character or do you just pull one out of the air and go with it?

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

'And, generally, whilst the good doctor is running around talking to himself as he works out some problem, a gabbleduck would have eaten him.'

episode written, end of series. check in the mail. thanks for capping that shaggy dog story for us captain Ash!

would be great if the funny nose/diaper sf (any of em) would cross over into some hard sf of yours. it would be very entertaining. another "Santa Claus vs SPIDER" short at the least.
my big question:

from your recollection, what did you and Harry Harrison talk about when you met him? any specifics you recall?

Disco Stu said...

Ok , time to probe Nasher.

1. What was the genesis of the Prador? How and why did these become your alien enemy of choice?

2. Can you see another alien race making it into the Polity series?

3. Will Ian Cormac re-appear?

4. Do you write longhand or type?

5. In my fevered imagination I see the Prador re-arming secretly and substantially in some future bid for galaxy domination - even remotely likely?

6. Do you do book signings?
Do you like book signings?
Do you sign fans back catalogues if they turn up with them?
Any chance of being able to buy your next hardback direct from you - perhaps with a little something inside? (I mean a little written something not money.)

7. Will you be dressing with a little more panache for these video blog entries in the future?

Very cathartic this probing...8)

Friso said...

Do you have set conditions you need to work, for example total silence, music in the background etc., or can you just switch on a laptop and work anywhere?

Phil M said...

I'd just like to say that "The Departure" is available for preorder on Amazon, released 2nd Sept.........Woo Hoo!

I quite like the new Doctor Who, it's fun, light entertainment and the fact the Amy is cute has nothing to do with it ;)

Ok and aquestion as well.
Do you have any other interests outside writing/reading and obviously mens fashion. Music, sport, cookery.....?

Hitch said...

Ah come on, I can hear the Doctor looking startled with his smile while everyone else runs away "Gabbleducks eh? Gabbleducks are cool!" :)

I understand your reasons but, sadface, I reckon one penned by you would shake it up nicely.

Should have guessed Eccleston was one you enjoyed, he had that hard edge that screamed he had seen enough and lost something in the process, actually very reminiscent of Cormac in Grindlinked as he realised he had misplaced his humanity and strove to get it back whilst still doing the job at hand.

Oh and could have killed that bloody assistant of his with the Gabbleduck!

Spencer said...

Been offline line for the last few weeks, charger melted, and a baby made an abrupt entrance :)
But back in time to ask more questions it seems! So here goes:

Is there a downside to being a proffesional author? Or is it all good compared to your machine shop days?

Martin P said...

Pretty new follower of the blog, so sorry if this has been asked before. More of a techie question here.

You mention having a lot of writing in files, so how do you protect against your computer going kablooie? Do you regularly back up to a different disk? Use one of the online backup services? Perhaps even store a copy in a seperate physical location in case of fire?

Fader209 said...

ZOMG! Spencer had a baby!
Is it a boy, girl or crawling necromorph? =P

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

how would William Gaminarauld pronounce your short story SNAIRLS?