Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Emma Thompson & Alistair McGowan

-->Emma Thompson and Alastair McGowan among those who have bought one-acre plot right at heart of proposed development. Land earmarked by Heathrow owner BAA to build a third runway has been bought by a group of celebrities, scientists, politicians and green campaigners in an attempt to severely delay the development. The new runway would make Heathrow Britain's biggest single source of greenhouse gas emissions.

The stench of hypocrisy is enough to make one gag when ‘celebrities’ start spouting off about the environment. We must travel less, pump less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, really, we must all stay at home and watch television (preferably not a plasma screen since that uses so much energy, anyway, the EU will be banning the sale of them shortly). But what should we all watch?

How about Alistair McGowan Goes Wild with Rhinos? Obviously he and a large film crew jetted off to Kenya to film the program but, since it’s about conservation, that’s okay. Or what about, at this time of year, the various award ceremonies in Hollywood, you know, like the Golden Globes or the Oscars, like the ones Emma Thompson flew to Hollywood to collect? Maybe they’ll put on Alistair McGowan’s Posh & Beck’s Special, which he flew to Madrid to film, or and episode of Who Do You Think You Are, which he flew to India to film. Or surely there’s something with Emma Thompson in which she of course did no location filming. I mean she’s a good girl who works for African charities and of course wouldn’t consider flying out there with a film crew – that’d cause far too much environmental damage. And I’m sure she’ll be hang gliding to Los Angeles while she’s losing weight with Madonna’s fitness trainer.

The reality of what these hypocritical pricks are saying, in the cloistered world of Champagne socialism, is that YOU shouldn’t fly, YOU should reduce your carbon footprint. They, being glitterati smooching with our rulers, are obviously our betters, and can fly first class around the world in pursuit of their careers or whilst delivering their sanctimonious homilies.


Jebel Krong said...

it's not even that - in times like these the amount of extra money and jobs an extra runway would create is essential for our economy. there's a reason it's needed at heathrow - people want to fly from there! if they want to cut down flights from somewhere else to reach their "green" targets (which last i heard air poluution from flying wasn't part of) then so be it, but our #1 airport should be fully supported imo.

Anonymous said...

Compulsory purchase, give them fuck all for it.

I bet 95% of people who complain about the Heathrow expansion live 100s of miles away.

I'd like to see the carbon footprint of the skinny latt├ęs, Apple iPhones, and tofu wraps these crusty fuckers are soon keen on. They certainly save on environmentally damaging soap.

And these lovvies, what about all their homeS, expensive frocks and hair stylists flown around the world. The terrible chemicals in the batteries used by the paparazzi stop them now. What about all the power used for those lights, cameras, signalling equipment and TVs at the other end. Cinemas are a terrible waste of power close them down. No? Didn't think so.

What about all that bling. What about the devastation caused by the mining of precious metals. Are you sure all those diamonds aren't conflict diamonds?

Don't know do ya? You don't care.
Fuck off and live in a mud hut if you are so concerned. That'll drop hot air a bit certainly.

(and possibly up Neal's chances of watching a decent film)

Kirby Uber said...

very similar shite when SEA was planning an additional runway. useless and retarded publicity stunt. I was working at the port of seattle at the time, and it is simply an easy way to get media attention. easy target.


Neal Asher said...

Hypocrites all. Give of your money and we'll give of ours. Sure, but Joe Public ain't got a few million in the bank as an emergency fund.

Chris said...

All those in agreement with the third runway - answer this: would you readily agree if you lived in Sipson?

I am against the third runway, but I agree about the celebrity hypocrisy: the £9bn cost could quite easily be used to upgrade the other 6 BAA-owned airports: Gatwick, Stanstead, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Southampton.

Why create a centralised travel hub which only results in high congestion for travellers, when such travellers could pop along to their more local airport - which is closer and far more convenient, plus instead of the new jobs only existing in the South East, they could be spread out: a third runaway only supports the whole idea that nothing exists in the UK outside the Watford Gap.

I have flown once from Heathrow, and vowed never again: Cardiff to Toronto via Schipol was far more convenient and I saved a wad of cash too.

Also, we need more MPs like John McDonnell who take a stand for their constituents instead of just sitting on their arses.