Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Science Fiction Music.

As you all might know the sites Facebook and MySpace are crowded with indie bands, professional musicians and the like. Some of these have contacted me and some have obviously found my weird-ass writing inspirational.

One of the first to contact me (on MySpace, but he’s on Facebook too) was one Miguel Vella (guy with the guitar) and he even came along to one of my signings
at Forbidden Planet. He’s now apparently working on a concept track called Jerusalem AI. Love it!

The other one with the freaky hair, called Jazizo Cappucino, based in San
Francisco, has already produced a track called Prador Moon.

If you are on either of the sites mentioned you can check out samples of the music.


vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

couldn't find Jazizo, but the other guy sounds like a million other rock bands for the normal club goin squares of rockland.

here is science fiction music:

i guarantee 2 of these acts in san francisco are reading your books, possibly inspired by them. you can guess which by the jain tech featured on their semi ceramic bodies. even more projections into the future here:

oblate777 said...

I know of a tribute to A.E. van Vogt by an experimental act named Hollow Bush and a tribute to Gene Wolfe from UW OWL on the Phaserphone label.

Of course there's the songs that Moorcock wrote for Hawkwind and Deep Purple (often related to Elric). Bassist Stuart Hamm is a big SF fan and I believe guitarist Henry Kaiser is as well.

Finally there is an thrash metal/grindcore act named Bloodhag that produced a tribute album to SF writers--unfortunately it was before you hit the US shores so they haven't written a song named "Neil Asher" (yet).

msf said...

There's a grindcore band called Gridlink that seems very inspired by your writing.

You can check them out here