Friday, January 09, 2009

Playmobil Security Checkpoint

My thanks to Phil Edwards at Live For Films for pointing this out to me. It's the Playmobil Security Checkpoint sold on Amazon. Read the comments below - they're hilarious. Here's a sample:

I was a little disappointed when I first bought this item, because the functionality is limited. My 5 year old son pointed out that the passenger's shoes cannot be removed. Then, we placed a deadly fingernail file underneath the passenger's scarf, and neither the detector doorway nor the security wand picked it up. My son said "that's the worst security ever!". But it turned out to be okay, because when the passenger got on the Playmobil B757 and tried to hijack it, she was mobbed by a couple of other heroic passengers, who only sustained minor injuries in the scuffle, which were treated at the Playmobil Hospital.
The best thing about this product is that it teaches kids about the realities of living in a high-surveillence society. My son said he wants the Playmobil Neighborhood Surveillence System set for Christmas. I've heard that the CC TV cameras on that thing are pretty worthless in terms of quality and motion detection, so I think I'll get him the Playmobil Abu-Gharib Interogation Set instead (it comes with a cute little memo from George Bush).


Live for films said...

A stupid toy and great comments on the Amazon site. Just wanted to thank my mate Rich for sending it over to me.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

even the toy companies made a profit from 9-11. there is no stopping the marketing potential of this preplanned u.s. gov cash ride!!!!

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

post script: toy realities0

Anonymous said...

LOL - that is great, when I was a kid I loved playmobil


Thud said...

It lacks a little old Catholic lady like my mother,getting a severe searching everytime we travel to and from America.

Anonymous said...

Now that made me smile :)