Thursday, January 08, 2009

Green Man Review.

Very nice review of The Gabble over here and Greenman Review:

Best story? I really can't say, for much the same reason that I can't pick out the best novel of the entire Polity series. Having read eleven novels and one collection comprising over ten thousand pages of reading, I can only say that all of it is excellent, all of it well-worth reading. If you haven't yet read your way through this series, I envy you; if you have, go get your copy of The Gabble and Other Stories right now before it sells out in hardcover!

Cat Eldridge.


Anonymous said...

What an intelligent and thorough review that puts The Gabble and other stories in context. However I must diasagree with Cat on one point, I found these short stories to be a great introduction to the Polity. They're not so embedded in your series novels that they can't be appreciated in their own right.
Best story has to be Softly Spoke the Gabbleduck.

Martin said...

Just in case you didn't see this nice review of Shadow of the Scorpion, here's a link.

I just happily ordered my "Night Shade Books" edition of it. I hope it's in the same format as Prador moon, because that design really rocks (at least for books with less than 300 pages).

Mark Chitty said...

I actually agree with Cat on the fact that this isn't the best place to start the Polity, mainly because it will spoil events of some of the books if you ahven't read them (LoP is an example - I've yet to finish it but now knows how it ends). I'll still read everything though, because that's where Neal does his thing, regardless if yu know some details ahead of time or not :)