Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Frederick Pohl Blog.

You might like to know that at 89 years old one of the greats of SF has now got a blog. Just read his post about his collaboration with Arthur C Clarke. Good on yer Mr Pohl!

Here’s a little snippet from Wikipedia:

Frederik George Pohl, Jr. (born November 26, 1919) is an American science fiction writer, editor and fan, with a career spanning over seventy years. From about 1959 until 1969, Pohl edited Galaxy magazine and its sister magazine if, winning the Hugo for if three years in a row. His writing also won him three Hugos and multiple Nebula Awards. He became a Nebula Grand Master in 1993.


vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

'Unfortunately my cervical vertebrae have become so attached to those nerves that they’re squeezing them to death. So the messages don’t get through; lacking orders from above the muscles don’t do anything at all; lacking exercise they atrophy.'

this is crazy, he's still typing away, and doing a blog. sort of like Jack Vance working on his books. even though he's legally blind he uses a monitor that has the words really large a few at a time. driven by stubborness, super writers.

i dont understand why people don't pick up on Pohl's Jem book. that's a pretty fun read with one minor flaw. the xmas at the end is pretty explicit hilarity. a real fave o mine.

Jebel Krong said...

the only problem with sf is that a lot of it tends to date badly (mainly thanks in recent times to tremendous advances in technology - moore's law et al.), so it's nice to see someone who was around during the "golden age" still going strong.

as an aside - recent years have seen a resurgence in strong sf, especially amongst the british writers, especially, of course, by yourself neal! :)

Martin Sommerfeld said...

I know it's not that original, but I have to go with the Gateway-books. I could read about the discovery of alien artifacts every day and they are (right behind Rama) among the best the genre has to offer. McDevitt is nice, but he never comes close to my gateway-reading-thrill. I enjoyed the first three so much, that I tracked down every sequel and short-story published, wasn't that easy.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

McDevitt just leaves you in the lurch by the end of his books. the ones i've read at least.

good travel read tho. why the hell not?

Alex Cull said...

Amazing that Fred Pohl is still going strong - I saw him once in person at a convention back in the 80s & The Space Merchants is an old favourite of mine. And that was first published in book form in 1953! Good for him.