Thursday, March 05, 2009

Paul Di Filippo revew of Shadow

Interesting review of Shadow of the Scorpion by Paul Di Filippo here at Sci Fi Weekly:

The way the soldiers of the Polity are rebuilt after what would otherwise be fatal wounds; the way the Separatists wage an insurgency; the way the commanders of the Polity ruthlessly direct their war; the nature of an enemy like the Prador—all these elements and more bespeak close attention to 21st-century headlines. Asher even subtly connects sex and torture, as in the Abu Ghraib scandal. Here's Yallow seducing Cormac: "I'm going to need your undivided attention for a good hour." And here's ultra-tough Agent Spencer preparing to torture information out of a rebel named Sheen: "You are a very valuable piece of meat and you are going to receive my utter attention over the next few hours." Case closed.

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vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

"sbtly connects sex and torture, as in the Abu Ghraib scandal."

for dessert check out "Standard Operating Procedure". Corporal Charles Grainer's disfunctional sexual retreat for teen yankee girls torture club. really fukt.