Monday, March 16, 2009

Sketches: Nautiloid & Prador 2nd Child.

Here's some rough sketches of Sniper's nautiloid drone body and a Prador second-child from one of the competition entrants. Suggestions please.

Update (24/2/10): Some misunderstandings arising about these. I (Neal Asher) did not sketch them. They were done by someone entering the art competition I was running.


Paul said...

I do like the nautiloid, that is spot on.

I think the Parador would be more sinister on thinner legs but I like the hairs off the back. A bit more of that so it looked a bit rougher and more like it crawled out the sea with a gun and a bad temper.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

is there gonna be ink versions of this?

Polity comin':

dial a hand:

i can imagine what a orwellian society can slap our mugs with using these. items
one thru ten, very evil, very nasty, very misleading facts on the internet for
false arrests, but they are pretty neat to read about, nightmare cued in the back of the mind. here in the jail cells we made for
ourselves, monitored, shackled, and using light to point the way.

dan said...

the nautiloid is excellent, i always thought prador were more... crab-like, though.

graeme_finch said...

Mr Asher, I would rather like to see a book of drawings/paintings of your worlds and characters. The sketches on your blog kind of remind me of the stuff you would see in 2000AD reader’s entries from the 80’s.

It’s a bit of a cheek requesting this kind thing as I can’t draw for toffee and each of us probably imagines your creatures slightly differently. However, there has to be a solid argument for, a book showing the Jack Ketch, Ian Cormac, Viridian, and The Prador in all their forms, John Stanton and Jarvelis, Mr Crane, Anderson and Turgel… the list is kind of endless.

I’m a sad old spanner who had to read the Silmarillion, the unfinished tales and then Wiki the entire lord of the rings series and history to get it firmed up in my mind. Your books drive me in exactly the same direction. A graphic encyclopaedia with the timeline from your blog. The long view down on Cormacs first meeting with Dragon, Skellor as he was before melding with the Jain and Crystal AI and after.

I know it’s a lot to ask, and maybe as an author you don’t want your ideas illustrated fully, but do please give it some thought.

And then one has to ask, when will the Cormac stories become movies??

Have a good weekend.

mario said...

Dear Mr.Asher, i'm just in the middle of reading your great book The Skinner, and after seeing your sketches I couldn't resist to redraw the Prador 2nd-child with a bit more details... hope you like it ;)

pancake_29 said...

i think the mirelurk from the fallout 3 game might be quite close to what a prador would look like, except the prador have guns

Professor Pisces said...

Surely the carapace of the Prador was thinner? I was of the impression that it was razor-sharp. Or was that just the mutated Vrell?

Neal Asher said...

That was just Vrell, Professor. Normal prador are the shape of a 'vertically squashed pear'.