Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shadow of the Scorpion in French.

Nice missive here from the Rights Manager at Pan Macmillan, Liz Johnson. She’s delighted to report that Bénédicte Lombardo, at Fleuve Noir (French Publisher) is keen to publish SHADOW OF THE SCORPION.

This will doubtless be as either large format or hardcover or both, then in mass market paperback edition in their Pocket imprint, and there’s also likely to be an e-book, since they have those rights too.
This is all scheduled for 2010.

Now I much look forward to seeing what sort of cover they come up with for this, since Flueve Noir has turned out some stunners.

Thanks B


AngryMurloc said...

Good news. How many more languages till world domination? :P

Neal Asher said...

I've got a long way to go yet. Thus far: France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Russia, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Japan, Lithuania and America.

darren hickmott said...

Interesting that you classed America as another language Neal.... made me chuckle and reminded me of a program i was watching recently about child progidies, where a proud father said his 8 year old daughter could speak 12 languages - 3 of which were american english, autralian english and english english.

Makes me wonder whether or not your books go through a different editing process to 'americanise' the language?

Neal Asher said...

You know, I've never really checked editing in the American versions. I'm guessing they'd have to make changes if I had a character 'smoking a fag' or some such - it'd be a whole different story. But I list America along with the others because the books come out there in a different cover. Australia and Canada have branches of Macmillan.

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