Thursday, March 25, 2010

Family History

We took a wander up to Chatteris a week ago, stopped in a pub called The Cross Keys, then sloped back to Soham to do some research into Caroline’s family history. (Of course the latter place is famous for somewhat nastier events than being the breeding ground of the Sizer family. I did wonder about a rather odd look I got when I asked about the location of a particular graveyard) This research generally involved clumping about graveyards checking the names on tombstones, checking the names on a war memorial, then drinking beer and eating bacon and egg baguettes. Here’s a couple of pictures from the area. First off The Cross Keys itself:

Next the well-guarded door to our room:

Caroline's parents got the better bed!

One of our hunting grounds:

One of our finds (Sizer):

The Fountain - location of those wonderful baguettes, and where we wished we had stayed:


ILTYT_Adventure said...

Street furniture ruins a great picture does it not? I took some photos around Welwyn Garden City in spring a year or two ago and was bedevilled both during and after by signs.

Whinge over; Thanks for sharing.

Neal Asher said...

Similar to a comment I made while we drove there. Nearing London we came upon a massive sign announcing that we were now entering a 'Low Carbon Area'. Besides wondering what the hell it was supposed to mean, how were we supposed to respond to it? Put a bag over the exhaust pipe or something? It must have cost thousands of pounds to put that sign there. I have to wonder who gets the backhander from the sign making company.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

folks, its stop breathing day in london. go about your buisiness, you'll be gagbagged if you jog or fart.

Neal Asher said...

And arrested if you take a photograph, Vaude.

ILTYT_Adventure said...

Awful isn't it. Councillors and bung culture. Just another day in modern England.

There should be a lobby against street furniture as, information overload and distraction pollution.