Monday, March 29, 2010


Here's a little note from Petr Kotrle my Czech tranlator:

Before you leave for your summer home again, I’d like to tell you that your book was shortlisted for the Czech SF&F&H Academy Award again, this time The Voyage of the Sable Keech (The other titles in SF are David Marusek: Counting Heads, Ian McDonald: River of Gods, China Miéville: The City & the City, Vladimir Sorokin: Day of the Oprichnik).

The Skinner won this award a while back and Gridlinked was shortlisted the following year. The picture here is the boss of the Czech publisher collecting the first.


LarryS said...

Good stuff Neal! On the same list as China Mieville eh!
But what's this Salamander business? (you'll have to excuse me if I missed something, my phone's in the mender's and i'm having to use a lo spec flip phone)

Neal Asher said...

As in the post, Larry - it's an award in Czechoslovakia for SF,F,H book of the year. I won it once with The Skinner, and Gridlinked was shortlisted the year after.

LarryS said...

Ah so its the Salamader award, well good going!

Surveyor_cz said...

The award was originally named after "War with the Salamanders", also translated as "War with the Newts", book by Karel Capek, the man who had introduced the word of "robot".

LarryS said...

Ah, Karel Copek, of Rossum's Universal Robots fame! Would like to read that story someday!

Unknown said...

Congratulation, Neil!

Just a little clarification - Czechoslovakia ceased to exist on 31th December 1992. Since 1st January 1993 to present is our country called the Czech republic.

And it's Karel Čapek, not Čopek ;-)