Monday, March 08, 2010

Sci-Fi London Interview

Neal Asher
Uploaded by SFLTV. - Arts and animation videos.

Off to London today for Lunch with Julie Crisp and Chloe Healy and, hopefully, a book raid on Macmillan. So I'll leave you with the above that I found on Daily Motion. 

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Mark T Croucher said...

Interesting stuff, not that we didn't know most of it being avid followers and all. Couldn't help but think that he was a bit pissed off that you have an unorthodox writing style though. He seemed to want you to expand on the merits of text book novel writing as taught in "how to be an author and do everything as decreed in this book writing bible" and you persisted on telling him what must have been the anti-christ of his book writing by numbers.

Complete aside but watched a film called Pandorum last night and thought I should tell everyone to give it a try. Bit Alienesque to start and also to bloody dark at times so turn the lights out, but in the end I thought it was a good sci-fi film.