Friday, February 05, 2010


Here's the cover for Ian Whates upcoming 'Conflicts' anthology:

Just to notify you that, as of late yesterday, the anthology has its own page on the NewCon Press website and is available for prepurchase (indeed, the first copy sold this morning!)
The eagle-eyed among you may note a small error in that the 'buy' button claims both editions are 'signed and limited' whereas only the hardback will be (signing sheets are doing the rounds at this moment).  The webmaster has been notified and that should be corrected soon.

-- Ian.


Michael Stone said...

Andy Bigwood is an awesome talent. Some talent between the covers too!

Afront said...

Nice. Where's the BUY button? ;)

LarryS said...

Hmmm that does look good!

Afront said...

My copy arrived in the post today - a great looking book, can't wait to get stuck in!