Monday, February 15, 2010

Neal Asher video Clip 15/2/10

I thought this was going to be crap, but it's come across more natural, probably because I just read the questions and answered off the cuff - no notes or answers written down.


Kirby Uber said...

hah, the facial expressions as you read questions and formulated responses were very amusing. i quite like this one.

far more natural. 8)

Anonymous said...

The theme of this video is "I never play anything, ever"

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

oh shit. cameron producing. he's going to go out of the way to make the movie fluffy hair metal lite rock with another cruddy soundtrack under his belt.
now i feel really bad from the base of my spine to my forebrain. oh why did i watch this? am i that dumb to not see the worst case scenario for the HM III movie?

dont answer that. im on the verge here.. its depressing to think about my short clunkings right now.

Neal Asher said...

Thanks Kirby - this is how I'll do them from now on.

Mr Maigo, it's a story I've told in the past. Once, when I was supposed to be writing, I ended up playing patience all day so in a fit of self-disgust deleted all games from my computer. I don't play the modern computer games because I know how good they are and how if I had them to hand I'd never do any writing. As far as other 'play' is concerned - you don't really need it when your job is the thing you love doing most. And re the video clip and holidays etc, we fit that sort of stuff in all the time: in Crete I write in the morning then in the afternoon we head down the beach to swim and drink wine.

Vaude, they'll have to seriously tear up my stories to make them fluffy, but that's always a possibility. With Cameron as a producer, however, that means the money men in Hollywood are going to be more likely to get their wallets out. And don't forget, directors of various segments are: Gore Verbinski, Zack Snyder & David Fincher, amongst others.

Anonymous said...

With Cameron involved, it'll be in 3d

Big oops, I meant 'plan'...

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

all i can say about all those guys is Z S remake of Dawn of the Dead was ok and one good shot in Watchmen in the Comedian's house was decent... so for me... hope. but your future looks like fort knox when there was still money in it. hopefully this will blow open those doors that amazon is trying to seal up from the creepy mycelium hell that's yet to invade tory teabag groaning amerika.

hint: buy Crete.

those movies, all that fluff, slo mo, tv commercial shots, their soundtracks are the least metal things in the universe. what ever happened to fluff this!

then switch to this jpg!

are you scared? NO?!?

send those guys a happy mothers day card (just send em the first minute)(heh):

Wrathex said...

What a pleasure to see and hear you, thanks for taking the time to interact with us.

Unknown said...

Fox interested in Hilldiggers... interesting. I've often wondered as I've read your books if any of them could be made into movies but always figured that to do it right would cost too much money. You're my favourite author and I think I've got all your books now. Please keep churning them out! Cheers, Rick