Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Moon -- Stephenie Meyer

I have my fingers in my ears ready for the howls of derision. Very much enjoyed this book and hope she can keep the story telling and bring it to a satisfactory conclusion at the end of the series - I've got Eclipse and I'll get the one after when it's out in paperback. These books are also very successful and selling well so I want to know why. Apart from their targeted demographic, they have exactly the same quality as the Harry Potter books, which I also enjoyed: transparency. The author isn't getting in the way of the story. Of course these won't make it to many people's top tens - I don't mean the 'what I really enjoyed reading' top tens, but the 'what I want people to think I enjoy reading' top tens. 


Kirby Uber said...

the writing quality gets better. the first book was cringe worthy. like a fanfiction, but by the actual author?

characters, interestingly enough, they she spent time on developing, are not the main ones. bella is an empty shell edward a blank, but the rest well done.

in my opinion. ;p

Mark T Croucher said...

Not read them but my son has read them all and consumed them like they would catch fire if he didn't finish them as quickly as possible. I can say by that response that they must do as they say on the tin!

Kirby Uber said...

hah, right, i should add i did read the whole bloody series, so, something must be working. ;p

Neal Asher said...

The first two books I really enjoyed, Kirby and Mark. Of course I could say nothing and pretend that only the most worthy of literature is good enough for me, but bollocks to that. I enjoyed this, I enjoyed the Harry Potter books (though not so much the later ones), hey, I even enjoyed The Devil Wears Prada. I refuse to pretend to like stuff or pretend to dislike stuff just to enhance my street or intellectual credibility and, believe me, there are plenty out there who do that.

Bob Lock said...

I've read neither Meyer's work nor Rowling's because I don't think they'd appeal to me, but perhaps I'm just closed-minded and should give them a go. However, there are loads of other books that I WANT to read and so they always come first.
Neal, give Baciagalupi's The Windup Girl a go, I thought it was great.

Neal Asher said...

I'll take a look at that. Incidentally, sorry I missed you on Facebook chat - I tend to have numerous windows open all at once so often miss stuff like that.

Presently I'm reading a Dexter omnibus which, after a hiccup at the start (because the TV version is so embedded in my mind), I know I'm going to enjoy.

Kirby Uber said...

i am ashamed to say i avoided harry potter because it was such a "thing" for a few years before i got over myself. i have sine read and loved the lot of them.

bob, windup girl is on my list too. 8)
just finished gods of whitechapel.

Bob Lock said...

NP Neal :)
Kirby, you'll love it :)