Friday, February 26, 2010

Interesting Post Chain

I just had a look at Whatever, John Scalzi's blog which often has interesting stuff about the business of writing. I read this and was intrigued, so went over to the post by Charlie Stross. This then led me to further interesting posts. You can learn a lot here about the processes involved in getting a book into your hands.

About rejection.

Becoming an Editor



Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound that bad being a writer... once you're published and have a contract of course

Neal Asher said...

It isn't bad being a writer. The only problem with it is the length of the training period.

Jezcentral said...

That's what I'm curious about. If you were serious about writing a novel, how much help would it be in getting it accepted to have had a few short stories already published? (Sentence clearly not edited for clarity!)

Neal Asher said...

That was my route in, Jezcentral - check my article somewhere here or on my virgin website 'Getting There'. I published a lot in the small presses working my way up to collections etc. I'm fairly certain that a good SFX review of my Tanjen collection 'The Engineer', plumped on top of the synopsis and sample chapters of Gridlinked I sent to Macmillan, was influential.