Friday, August 10, 2007

Escape Pod.

Hey, check out Escape Pod and listen to Steve Ely reading my short story The Veteran.

Seated on a bollard, the man contemplatively removed his pipe, as if to tamp it down or relight it. Instead, he placed it stem down in the top pocket of his shirt, then reached up and pressed his fingers against his cheekbone and forehead. His face came away from his hairline, round behind his ears, down to a point just above his Adam’s apple. The inside of his mouth and much of his sinus were also part of the prosthesis, so only bare eyeballs in the upper jut of his skull remained – the rest being the black spikes and plates of bio-interfaces.

Very enjoyable -- they were suderdiles not superdiles, but I've no problem with that!

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Anonymous said...

Jackanory for adults, :)

Now if you could get Morgan Freeman to read Gridlinked....