Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Film Deal (Not).

Ah bollocks. A month or so ago I got an email from a guy asking me about the film rights for Hilldiggers and, ever since, I was understandably keeping my fingers crossed what with the guy concerned being a story editor from 20th Century Fox. Unfortunately he couldn’t rally up enough interest amidst the executives.

It seems that what I need is one or any combination of three things to become attached to said book: talent (I’m presuming we’re talking about some actor here), book-to-film agent or a producer. So if any of you guys know anything about this sort of stuff…

It is annoying to google ‘book-to-film agent’ and find, for example, this on one screenplay agency site:

Looking for completed feature sci-fi scripts. Only interested in big-budget summer blockbuster-type stories with strong fantastical elements that require lots of special effects.

Damn, apart from the fact that none of my books are scripts, the second sentence describes them perfectly. I need to have a look at my screenplay writing stuff and maybe have a pop at it myself. Either that or try to get someone more experienced with this sort of thing onboard.



Anonymous said...

I think I can put you in touch with someone if you can think of a way for me to get the information to you privately.

Neal Asher said...

I'm easy enough to contact, Dave. Just click on the Neal Asher Space down at the bottom right of this blog, then Contacts, and you'll find my email at the top of the page.

Anyway, at least the guy has agreed to see the rest of my books, so maybe Cowl or The Skinner...

Djehuty said...

Neal? If possible, try to avoid Fox studios.

They have the ability to corrupt anything good and turn it into yet another blockbuster movie of the week.

Anonymous said...

If you could pick any one of your books to be made into a film which would it be and why?

Anonymous said...

Maybe best to write something yourself? I don't doubt script writing is a skill in itself but you may feel your work is butchered if it's done by someone else.

Or you may not give a fuck and just run off into the sunset giggling and waving a big fat cheque.

Don't know if I'd want to see the Skinner on film. I'd really hate my enjoyment of the Spatterjay books ruined by a shite transfer. Just maybe Peter Jackson and Weta could do them justice. Mind you King Kong was pish.

Neal Asher said...

cj, when it comes to something like this there's no guarantee of anyone doing it right, so I'd take my chances and a cheque.

Paul, I posted about this before (I think). I'd love to see a CGI sail from The Skinner and I also think Cowl would translate well. With the Cormac books ... maybe a miniseries: one season per book. (Then I woke up and it was time to get back to work)

I'm looking into it Olaf but, as I've said elsewhere. Do I work at something speculative, or do I work at what I know pays.

Chris said...

It's probably best to try and find a screenwriter, Neal: you could end up wasting six months on writing a script, when you could have used that time (as you pointed out) to write another book, that would pay your way onto some ex-pat beach with wall-to-wall sun, sand and beer in the afternoon.

I'd also try and find a specific film agent too - the agent would probably end up hooking you up with a writer.

I went to a "business of screenwriting" seminar with Julian Friedmann a year or so ago, and unless you're 100% happy with extremely legalese documentation then a film contract will befuddle you.

Anonymous said...

Well it's in your head now and no way to get it out. The back of your brain might well work on something for you while you do the day job.

you'll have an epiphany in the shower or on the crapper.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit Hilldiggers is a fucking topper of a book. I was debating whether to buy it, I hated the name and the blurb didn't thrill me either but I thought hell it neal, I'll give it a go. REALLY glad I did.

Drake Bodan.

Andy said...

Good luck with the screenplays. I think I would most like to see The Skinner in film - so cool nasty bugs in that one.