Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gridlinked Film.

And the last post reminds me of this, unearthed from deep in this blog where posts are fossilizing, I was an angrier man, the world had less shades of grey, ad nauseum...

Cameron Dadd is an eighteen-year-old freelance graphic designer who lives in the most isolated city on our planet. He does have a small collection, but it's as yet unavailable online, however, there's Leviathan here: which, inspired by Cameron's work, was created by a good friend of his called Carlo - looks like something Dragon put together!

(Of course Cameron is no longer 18, and who knows if this website is still current)


Spazzy McSpazatron said...

Unfortunately Cam's account is no longer active, or rather, being utilized as one might hope.

Shame that.

packrat54 said...

Christan Bale as Cormac, that could work.

David said...

Question for you. I'm re-reading your books in the time-line sequence and I'm wondering. Like many SF authors, you're works seem to presume that in the future marriage will be viewed as backward or obsolete.

Does eliminating marriage simplify the characters relationships and thus help you focus on the other plot elements.

I'm curious as to your thoughts on this.

Thank you.

David, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Neal Asher said...

Miss Spazzy, ah well, time passes quicker on the Internet.

Packrat54, that works for me.

David, I don't really see it as obsolete. Cormac's mother and father were married, for example, as were Stanton and Jarvellis. It's also the case that the characters in my books are usually at the sharp end of things and less likely to be in that kind of stable relationship, and, frankly, I've no intention of starting to write about 'relationships' - that's a whole other market. Another factor to take into a account is how long-lived (if not dead by violence) they all are. Would marriage survive a potentially limitless life span?

LarryS said...

Re the whole marriage thing, well as a kind of off topic twist have you read Joe Haldeman's the Forever War, in which population growth is controlled by encouraging homosexuality. After many years it becomes the norm and so the population stabilises!

LarryS said...

Hmmm, I'm a fellow deviantartist, it looks like a new account as theres no deviations added yet.

Djehuty said...

I's now been emptied due to art theft on the rise and an increasing level of disatisfaction with my skill level - I removed everything and put it back on my harddrive.

I'd forgotten I had made that. It just makes me want to do a better version now.