Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Let me give you a piece of advice. If you ever find yourself in Crete, in need of food, and a Cretan offers you potatoes from his garden, snatch his damned arm off. In the supermarkets here the potatoes are good, better than those from British supermarket – you’ll have no problems with watery roast spuds or rubbery baked spuds. However, the garden varieties here are how you dream of potatoes, how you remember them from your childhood. When baked the skins are crispy, the interiors fluffy, prepared in any other way they are superb, and they really taste of potatoes! Just saying.


Stacey said...

I'm hungry.

Jimmy Devine said...

As guy who works for McCain Foods, (think oven chips) I have to stick up for British spuds! Let me know when your back in country, I'm sending you a freezer full of McCain.

Grim's Reality said...

We grew fab potatoes this year. I've never been a fan really, but our own grown were/are brilliant.

And this has been the case with everything we've grown. It's not the fact that we've grown them that makes them taste better, that's a wafty lot of bollocks.

It's something in the soil, the lack of chemicals, the fact that the variety isn't mass produced disease resitant, I really don't know what it is, maybe it's just the time from the bed to the table.

All I can say is, that growing your own gives you an entirely new perspective on what you eat.

PS: I'm on the last chapters of my second run through of Line War, and as previously stated I've spent most of this summer re-reading all your tomes.

Where's my next book? And have you done 2000 words today and if not why not?

Nuff said.

Mark T Croucher said...

I'm starting to worry that your next book may involve flower gardens and vegetables, embroiled with left wing tradesman with fachist leadership tendancies. The whole plot underpinned with animal cruelty.

Can you say anything that may placate my fears?

Ricardo said...

Well, we do have the Skinner (Dennis), Hilldiggers(where you grow your veg) and Cowl (bovine misspelling is almost as bad as mistreatment)!!

Anonymous said...

I think it all comes down to the variety of potatoes you eat. Not all spuds were created equal.

We have jacket potato's from Ocado, which were always good, so I actually looked at the packet to learn the name of the variety.

Say for instance you have Lady Balfours, there will be specific varieties of that, which makes a world of difference.

LarryS said...

mmmmm, roast tatties!!

Neal Asher said...

James, most welcome!

Yes, I agree, Graeme (and Skar), and yes, I have done my 2000 words today -- I did them in about 3 hours.

Mark, a horrible dictator is just about to kill a large number of people with strangulation collars. Does that help?

Is it punday Ricardo?