Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another Promotion

Here are the relevant sections of an email from Bella Pagan:

Amazon are planning a promotion to coincide with the Diamond Jubilee and are considering including GRIDLINKED. Details are included below, but they are seeking approval for this and it would be great if you were able to agree to this (I have).

The promotion will run on between the 22nd May and 5th June, but they are also looking at,, and This is the same format as their Valentine’s and Easter promos, with titles included at highly reduced prices (usually 99p). Amazon have also made a particular request that GRIDLINKED should be included, as they wanted to tie it in with use of the blog you wrote for them a little while ago, which they haven’t put up as yet.


bascule said...

I'll have one of those. Although I re-read it last year(third re-read). My paperback is getting a bit tatty and I'd like to keep my hardback pristine.

Frederick Paul Kiesche III said...

What about Amazon US?

I've got a number, but I'll pick up anything that I haven't bought already.

Afront said...

Good excuse to buy this again (my copy has been lent out a few times now, I've lost track of who has it!)

Ralph said...

I've got it on paper and digital already, but I can highly recomend it to anyone passing by- Don't miss this one! Of course, once you start, you have to read the rest of the series! It grabs you!

Neal Asher said...

I love to read about people wearing out my books, Bascule.

I don't know about Amazon US, Fred, but I suspect it won't be available there - different publisher's territory.

Afront, tell them to buy a copy.

Thanks Ralph.

bhhenry said...

The cover image threw me off -- I always pictured Cormac as looking something like FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin peaks.