Saturday, May 10, 2014

Audible USA

Here are links to some of my books on Audible. I don't know whether these are obtainable outside the US

The Departure

Zero Point

Jupiter War
And now:

Also available are:


bascule said...

Polity Agent? Seriously out of order. Jealous anyway, was given a 1 year sub for xmas. Only 4 on the UK site.

Unknown said...

audio books? new fangled contraptions, bring back ink and quill....

paul2978 said...

Hi Neal

Any chance we can get this titles moved over to the UK audible site?


Neal Asher said...

paul2978 I belive there are negotiations ongoing, but my involvement is nil. Get onto audible and the various publishers if you want to push for action.

subrata sen said...

Neal, I've read every book you've released in the U.S. I particularly love the speculative exobiology bits. I thought you might find this note on crab parasites interesting:
I found it macabre.