Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Further Update

And now an update on some other stuff. I’m still struggling to take an interest in writing and reading. The most I’ve been doing is a few interviews. I get occasions when I’ll do a bit of fiction and then my interest wanes. I suspect this is not only a result of what happened in January last year – I guess getting your nose rubbed in horrible reality can create an indifference to the fictional kind –  and everything that led up to it, but depression throughout this January and February – probably very much SAD related. As I do, I’ve been fighting this with exercise.

Previously I did this by taking a 7-mile walk every day. Now my routine is 50 press-ups and 50 sit-ups in the morning, that walk at about midday, then going on into the evening weight-training sets while working my way through box sets of DVDs (oddly my appreciation of fiction has returned here). This interspersed with any other writing related work I need to get out of the way, like those interviews. I’ve also cut most of the carbs out of my diet with the result that my weight is down to just over 12 stone. Yesterday I went over the top with 2 lots of weight training plus another 50 sit-ups. One session is two sets each of 15 repetitions of curls, upright rowing, prone rowing, stomach press, and standing presses from chest and then from behind the head, all with a curling bar weighing about 25 kilos. This all keeps depression at bay with the added benefit of making me the fittest I’ve been in many year.

I’ve not been on the internet much – for various reasons I’ve grown sick of it. In fact I feel relieved about heading off to Crete to a house without internet. There I hope to be a bit better mentally and be able to knuckle down to some writing. First on the agenda will be a short story or two … well, that’s what I think right now.

In other news, the second book of the Transformation trilogy will be called War Factory. The original title (after just a working title of Penny Royal II) was Factory Station Room 101. Those at Macmillan didn’t like that much because all the present associations with Room 101 would tell the new reader nothing. I’m happy with War Factory.   


Unknown said...

Well, hope you have a good sunny break. Go easy on the scorpions this time....

joshua said...

It's always a good thing to break away from the tech for some time. I went on a long weekend with ZERO electronics just a little while ago and it was damn refreshing.
It'll be good to know many of us fans, while we would like a million pieces of new work from you, we'd all settle for no work and you just being all right. Stay well!

Unknown said...

Good luck mate, I hope you find a balance for your spirit.

Have you thought of taking up fly fishing?. Long walks, an art to practice, and part of it is mental calming because you have to have smooth control. You can do it anywhere there is water which might just have a fish in, including the sea, and who knows, people have caught the occasional fish, even in Greece.

me, for one.

Are you going to start wearing the "Do you even Lift?" tee shirts?.

Neal Asher said...

Ian, I don't stamp on the scorpions any more but put them outside, where they eat the woodlice.

Thanks Joshua.

A distinct lack of rivers on Crete, uncletigger, and a lack of fish in the surrounding sea too. Also, I have no weights there so it'll be just kayaking and swimming, so no T-shirt.

nakchak said...

Hadn't realised Lexx was available as a full box set, gonna have to get that :-D

CB said...

I hope that the change of climate etc. helps.
I recently read the latest book and am looking forward to the following books.

Is Tor going to do a relatively rapid release of the subsequent books every few months or are we going to be waiting a year for the next one?

Neal Asher said...

One of my readers sent me that Lexx box set from Japan, nakchak, so no idea where it might be obtained.

Each is going to be a year apart, CB. Perhaps by the time they're all done I'll be a functioning writer again.

Jimmy Devine said...

You haven't stopped being a writer Neal, you just deserve some downtime, as long as you are ok, the back catalogue will more than suffice for now, just about to start from the beginning (for me anyway) Gridlinked.

Unknown said...

Well, shit, guess you will have to come a little bit more south then, and east too, and come fishing in New Zealand, mate.
Lots and lots of fish here. Even in the harbour of our most heavily populated, AND greatest city* you can catch some great fish at the right time of year ( winter is shit, but at present we are making out like robber barons ) and the water is crystal clear . . . but go that bit further south again, to the South Island rivers, well . . . every year there are stories of American bass fishermen, who are world renowned for their skill, bringing their favourite rods, and ALL THEIR GAME here, and then breaking their rods on our monster trout, and re-arming, then learning "how to catch big fish" all over again.

If you come to Auckland, I will take you out and tie you onto some big fish, with the best will in the world, because after all, it would mean me going for a fish lol, and then, you gave us Sniper. :)

* Of all the worlds cities, every year, Auckland is voted third best on quality of life.

Geoffrey said...

While you are getting tan consider a story or two about the pathun. They might be bored and ready to do something spectacular.

Also... How does one with an Augbunplug like you are about to do?

Geoffrey said...

Damn iPad!

Unknown said...

After what happened last year you deserve a rest and a break.
Remember always - people do care about you.
AND your work of course.

I hope you feel better soon.