Friday, May 22, 2015

Retail Therapy.

My last post on here was about the last straw with my old laptop. Dying its death of a thousand cuts transpired that any time I tried to open something my next move would be to go away and make a cup of tea, or mop the floor, or paint the Forth Bridge. And still I would often return, do something further, and find myself watching the little blue circle of death turning on the screen. In that blog post I spent the best part of a morning trying to load some pictures, and finally gave up.

If I hadn’t had an Ipad to hand I might have thought this was all due to a slow internet connection, but no, on the Ipad it doesn’t take a Bank Holiday to open Facebook, and loading pictures takes just a few seconds. Yes, I have no doubt that my brother’s imminent clean-out of the laptop will result in good things but still, retail therapy time and, fuck it, a new laptop is tax deductible.

I’ve read many times that Apple computers are just faster, with a better operating system and simply easier to use. This has proved out with the iPad and, while I was moaning about my old laptop, someone on Facebook suggested the Macbook Pro. I took the plunge and my brother brought me one when he came out here on holiday a week ago.

I’m slowly getting used to this new toy. I was worried about not having Microsoft Word, but Pages isn’t much different and is easy to use. It’s not as if I will be doing anything complicated with it — just words and stuff. The operating system is taking a bit of getting used to and it’s asking me things concerning iCloud that I’m clueless about. But oh my, the thing is damned fast, pretty and sleek, and I just know I did the right thing buying it.  


Northern Fop said...

Ick. Apple. Your choice, though!

1) If you're bored, and want to bring your old machine back to life, give Linux Mint a whirl. Piece of piss to install and use and will run like lightning; good back-up for browsing if nothing else.

2) You can get Word for a Mac (I know, I know, you already know this).

Hope it's stopped raining. Beautiful here in blighty, doubly so given Miliband is not PM.

Geoffrey said...

Sadly, no matter how I tried I could not read what is written in that notebook, but I can make out the blog post on the Mac. I wonder if it is a return of Chris Golem....

Unknown said...

Gotta say, it is an unusual colour you chose on the bridge. It almost looks like rust, or even the dreaded red lead of the no-so-safe past. :)

Tony Cossey said...

Since you will be basically text editing, try a top of line text editor instead of a word processor, I did this a while back and my productivity went on an upwards trend. These editors are designed for programmers / coders, however producing text files using the software is a joy. BTW 'Sublime Text 2' includes features for authors of "prose"

try any of thesefrom here, my fave is Sublime Text 2

Kirby Uber said...

Of all the sorts of therapy I have been involved with, it's the retail variety that has the most sound and consistent results.

Especially if the item in question is shiny and metal.