Friday, June 01, 2007

More Foreign Covers.

Here's a couple that were sent to me before we went away. The first is the German Polity Agent -- they've really caught up there. The title translates as 'The Gate of Time' which is maybe easier. The second cover is the Russian version of The Line of Polity. I haven't attempted to translate it since I'm lacking a Cyrillic keyboard.


Anonymous said...

I'm told that the Russian title of Line Of Polity translates as something like Star Frontiers.

Anonymous said...

Using Babelfish.

Top to bottom one word at a time.

Фантастичский – Fantastichskiy
Бестселлер - the best-seller

Наследник – HEIR
Андерсона- ANDERSON
Гарри – GARRY
Гаррисона – GARRISON

НИЛ – Nile


One Line at a time.

Фантастичский Бестселлер - Fantastichskiy best-seller

Наследник Пола Андерсона И Гарри Гаррисона - Heir Of the floor Of Anderson I of Garry Garrison.



I tried translating polity into Russian and came up with POLITY. One would assume that RUBEZHZVEZDN'ІY is the Russian equivalent but the translator doesn't get too in to trans-language synonyms. Note that I used an alphabet off of a wikipedia page and cut and pasted the letters in. By the time I was done I was ready to bludgeon Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius for not using the latin Alphabet. When I saw Zeit on the German cover I thought it was "Cowl." A bit strange that they would name the thing after something from the prologue, but they're Germans.

Djehuty said...

Interesting interpretation of AI Attackships. I'd always imagined them looking more like Talyn from Farscape, all streamlined and frighteningly powerful when provoked.

Vought said...

Hi Neil, my name is Tim Gibson. I run the book review site Dragons of the pyramid. If I can get copies of your other books I'll be happy to review all of them for you.
On a completely different note I want to say how much I loved Praedor Moon. Finally a decent future combat book. I loved every minute of it.
As far as Van Vogt is concerned, your writing is actually similar to his in many ways. The pacing is fast in both cases, leading to high quality books. The heavy preponderance of new ideas is also something you and he have in common.
Take care and keep writing -- you've got some dedicated fans over here.
Tim Gibson

Anonymous said...

You tried pretty hard, folks. You have the title right, Dave "zviezdniy" is an adjective to "star", perhaps "stellar". It is difficult with "Polity", I wonder how the Russians did it.
I can understand that Harry Harrison must became G.G. in Russian, but the transliteration of Neal's name is beyond me.